Pullip Monochrome Alice Limited Edition Update Again!

Just a very quick update before I dash off to work, Groove blogged about the new Ars Gratia Artis/Pullip.net exclusive Pullip Monochrome Alice Limited Edition here this morning. The new Limited Edition exclusive Monochrome Alice is exclusive to AGA (sales listing), is limited to 50 pieces worldwide and priced at $450.

I am glad Groove posted regarding the new exclusive as I was kind of confused as to what all was coming with the doll(s) for $450. It has been confirmed that there is a sticker sheet of tattoos so you can decorate Alice and her special stage themed box yourself. Two dolls had been pictured in several photos of the listing and I was a bit confused about that they looked to be the same doll with different wigs but it was unclear if the other doll was a future release or what exactly, it has also been confirmed that it is/was the same doll the release just comes with two different wigs as well as a bunny hood. I’m kind of okay with this as if the other doll had ended up as a separate release it would have been an incredibly lazy exclusive ^^;

One other really cool thing about Groove’s post is they posted a picture of the stage/box all decorated, it really is a nice showcase!

I’m still incredibly indecisive about what I want to do and if I will be ordering her or not.

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2 Responses to Pullip Monochrome Alice Limited Edition Update Again!

  1. Cat says:

    Can you preorder when in US?

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