Pullip Monochrome Alice Limited Edition Update!

The limited version of Pullip Monochrome Alice is now available for preorder on Pullip.net, she is limited to only 50 pieces worldwide. She is expecting to ship in January of next year and is priced at $450. Yes at $450 Pullip Monochrome Alice Limited Edition is officially the most expensive Pullip released to date, AGA/Pullip.net was heavily criticized last year for pricing their limited version of Pullip Veritas at a special introductory price of $400 then her price later increased to $450. I know a lot of people were anxiously waiting to hear about pricing for this release hoping against hope that LE Monochrome Alice would be a little more attainable than Veritas was.

I’m so torn as I’m obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, I literally own all of the other Alice in Wonderland themed dolls released by Jun Planning/Groove but this release is so expensive and I’ve recently spent quite a bit on other dolls. It does not help that as more time has gone on more and more photos have been added to the listing and the new photos have only added to the confusion of what all you are getting for $450.
In several of the photos in the listing there is a second doll pictured, who is this other doll? Ot appears to possibly be LE Monochrome Alice in another wig (Optical Alice’s?) but the listing never states what the other doll is. Are there two dolls? Or does the doll include a second wig? If it is two dolls is the white haired doll going to be released separately later on?
More recently several photos of LE Monochrome Alice have been added with many tattoos including quite a few on her face and that just raises even more questions. The tattoos seem completely different or have inconsistent placement from photo to photo and I believe at least some of them may just be photoshopped on. Do any tattoos actually come on the doll or does she comes with a sticker sheet of tattoos?

I love the idea of tattoos on a doll and some dolls in the past such as Taeyang Arion have come with a tattoo while other releases such as Pullip Tokidoki Luna have come with tattoo stickers. There is no mention of the tattoos either way in the listing.
I just don’t know what I want to do, she is so expensive and I have so many questions and I prefer not to have any questions about something that is so expensive. I have written to AGA on facebook hoping for some clarification.

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