I’m not dead! I’ve just been very busy

I’m not dead, just dead tired. Not only did I decide to mix things up a bit by somehow breaking my other leg (I have an avulsion fracture of the right fibula caused by stepping off a curb wrong, yes really!) but I have been kept very busy by a new rather large undertaking. Fellow Pullip collector DXGirly (these are links to her Youtube and Instagram accounts) has had a major change in life circumstances and she unfortunately isn’t able to keep most of her doll collection so I volunteered to help her rehome her dolls and ensure that all of them went to good homes. For the record I agreed to do this before I broke my leg but even after breaking the leg, I knew the situation still sucked and that I was still going to help her regardless of the leg it would just take me a bit longer.
UntitledI drove up on the 11th and retrieved the dolls, the above photo is from that night as you can see my Chevy Sonic was jampacked with dolls. My car the next morning still full of nearly 100 dolls.
UntitledI have been slowly working on getting all of the dolls photographed and processed for sale, having to work while balancing on a knee scooter is not an easy or particularly quick thing but I have been very fortunate that everyone has been amazing and super patient with me while I get photos of all the dolls up. I’m still not done photographing all of the dolls just yet but I’ve only got about 10-15 dolls left to do so I have made significant progress over the past couple of weeks.

A list of what dolls would be available had been posted on facebook the idea was if anyone was interested in a doll I would post pictures of those first and then they would have first dibs on it. We received an absolutely overwhelming response, almost every doll was spoken for immediately and everyone has been amazingly kind and patient waiting for me to get photos up of the dolls as well as shipping them out. I made a page here in an attempt to try and keep organized as well as track my sales progress, if any dolls become available they will be listed on that page. One thing this experience has taught me is that the Pullip community is absolutely amazing ❤ and has some of the kindest people in it.

Apologies if I seem flippant about the situation here, I have been told I have a very gallows sense of humor and sometimes the only way I can deal with things is to try and find the humor in them; it’s either laugh or cry. I’m very frustrated that I have to use the knee scooter again, the truly hilarious thing is I was thinking of trying to find somewhere to donate it just a few days before I broke my leg  but decided to wait and see how my December x-rays went of my left leg  first (I broke my left fibula badly in a car accident about 18 months ago). On the bright side, I’m fairly experienced with using the knee scooter now!

My apologies for falling a bit behind here, I’m going to try and get caught up a bit today but wanted to explain my recent absence here. Hopefully things will calm down soon and most of the dolls will be on their way to their new homes (some have already arrived to their new homes!) and I can get back to photographing my own dolls like Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon who arrived a few days before I broke my leg.
Eternal Sailor Moon

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