Special Monochrome Alice Pullip AGA Exclusive

Ars Gratia Artis has been teasing a new Pullip.net exclusive Pullip since as far back as July on Mango Park’s instagram (head of AGA) and more recently on AGA’s facebook page.. The exclusive is a new version of Premium Pullip Monochrome Alice and will be limited to only 50 dolls and will only be available to purchase here.
The release of details surrounding the release of Special Version Monochrome Alice have been vexingly slow it was just announced within the past few days that preorders will open on the 15th. While preorders start on the 15th it’s not clear when she will actually be released and pricing has still not been announced at this time even though preorders open soon. For how long they have been teasing this not really much warning for when preorders will start! I think that this may be a calculated decision on their part to not announce the pricing ahead of time as their only other exclusive the Special Version of Veritas they announced last year was priced at $405 (special introductory price it later increased to $450). The pricing of Veritas was the cause of much criticism within the fan community as dolls with darker skin are so rarely released and they finally announce one that is out of reach for so many, the controversy was so bad that whoever bought her must be hiding her as I still haven’t seen any owner photos of her full set.

IMG_0154For reference this is a close up of the face up of standard release Premium Pullip version of Monochrome Alice that I took.
This photo is the best unedited close up of the new exclusive version of Monochrome Alice (source) that I could find. They look pretty similar, other than the obvious change of wig it appears that the exclusive version of Monochrome Alice’s lips are slightly more pink tinged than purple tinged and she has been given new foiled chips. In more recent photos of the exclusive version it appears as though she now has several tattoos that were not seen in earlier photos like this one.

From Pullip.net’s listing of the limited version of Monochrome Alice source.

Alice has jet-black long hair with shiny gray colored eyes that are so charming.

She has the look where she can get sucked into the checkered room any minute with the mysterious look.

Alice wears a delicate black laced dress and on top of that, she wears her famous apron that symbolizes her.

We added many antique ornaments and laces that make the apron look much full and lavish.

Alice is also wearing a black and white striped knee socks and a black laced hair pin. With her pale white skin, Alice seems to be showing us the world where she is in.

She has mysterious eyes with chic eyeliner and lips that you will fall in love with. We will show you our components gradually as we are working hard to finishing up this lovely series of Alice Monochrome.

Please be patient and we hope you guys will fulfill your expectation!

*You will be able to purchase the Monochrome Alice Special Edition only on pullip.net!

I love Alice in Wonderland but there have been so many Pullips inspired by Alice released over the years and I know some fans of Pullip are kind of burnt out on Wonderland as a whole that I really have to question the need for such a minor variation; yet the more I look at her, the more I want her!

The photos from the listing are a bit confusing as a second doll is also pictured. The second doll appears to be the exclusive version of Monochrome Alice but with a white wig similar to Pullip Optical Alice’s and without the apron, she is also pictured with bunny ears. I’m not sure if this means this will be second doll released that is just a minor variation and if so why so many emphasis and close ups of her on in this listing? Or if she will just come with a second wig and bunny ears. It’s very confusing and a bit misleading to picture two dolls in the listing without mentioning the other doll at all.

I believe at least some if not all of the tattoos are just photoshopped on as more of the tattoos should be visible in this photo. It’s possible they are just like Tokidoki Luna’s tattoos where they are stickers.

Although it is mentioned in the description that “many antique ornaments and laces that make the apron look much full and lavish” I do not notice a significant difference between her apron and that of the standard version of Monochrome Alice, there might be one more charm on the chain?

Alice appears to come with some clear plastic Alice themed accessories.

I think my decision to get her or not is going to come down to price, if she is priced similarly to normal releases I will buy her but if she costs as much as one of the bjds I am eying like the Luts Tiny Delf Satyrs than I will likely just get the bjd instead.

Close up of the plastic cut-out accessories, not really sure how I feel about them I think I would have preferred a few actual accessories versus the plastic ones.

I will update as more details become available about the limited release of Monochrome Alice!

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