DXGirly Sale

A fellow Pullip collector DXGirly has had a change in circumstances and unfortunately needs to rehome most of her collection, I am helping her rehome her dolls. Unfortunately since agreeing to help with this I took a step off of a curb wrong and got an avulsion fracture of fibula on my right leg (my left leg was badly broken in a car accident a little over a year ago). I picked up the dolls on the 11th of November and have slowly started taking pictures of all the dolls and have begun the rehoming process for many of the dolls (a few have already made to their new homes yay!).

I posted a list of list of what all dolls would be available on one of the Pullip groups on facebook with the intentions of having a starting a dubs list so if someone was interested in a doll I would least have an idea as to who I should prioritize getting photos of first. This received an overwhelming response that was become next to impossible to edit on facebook so I made a page here to make it a little bit easier to organize.

A few notes
– Shiraishi Akira & Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Violetta are NRFB none of the rest of the dolls come with their boxes.
– I currently have mobility issues because of the broken leg, I am non-weight being on my right side and have to use a knee scooter to get around which kind of limits both what I can carry and how quickly I can move. Please be patient with me I am working as quickly possible to get all the dolls photographed and off to their new homes.
– There were roughly 85 dolls not counting kits they were packed into about 16 different boxes complicated by the fact that the dolls were packed by someone not overly familiar with them so it has kind of become a scavenger hunt to reunite some of the dolls with all their accessories. I have been trying to bring a box or two with me every night and work on getting pictures of the dolls in the boxes but what dolls I end up often ends up kind of random I’m not working in a specific order and some dolls I’m still trying to reunite with all their accessories before I can take pictures.


OTHER: I do not own Pullip Monochrome Alice, Pullip Gretel or Isul Glen so I may be buying them myself, I’m prioritizing photographing all of the other dolls before I even look at them there are a lot of other dolls to work through processing before I even think about any dolls for me.

Pullip Midnight Velvet is on hold for a friend of Nikki. private buyer
Status: On Hold!


Taeyang MIO kits 0 remaining


Isul Shiraishi Akira NRFB Status: 1st on dibs list is waiting for shipping quote
Dibs List 1) Lora Rudolph 2) Izzy Leigh

ON LAYAWAY- Mary Ann Bacani Laguerta
Pullip Nanette  Dibs List 1) Vicky Lou 2) ) Mary Ann Bacani Laguerta 3) Gustavo Guitierrez ON HOLD UNTIL 12/1!

ON LAYAWAY- Jessica Branco
Isul Tete 
Dal Delorean Dibs List 1) Jessica Branco 2)Magelena Kolarik Kittelova


Dal Colline Dibs List 1) Jessica Branco 

Dal Pinocchio Dibs List 1) Jessica Branco Comes with random metal stand, does not come with card.

Classical White Rabbit Dibs List 1)Jessica Branco 2) Nia Patterson 3) Ferdinand Buenevente– PHOTOS NOW UP! I believe she is complete and appears to be in nice condition.
Status First on dibs list is waiting for photos of additional dolls.
ON LAYAWAY TimmiLyn Johnson

Pullip Hello Kitty x Tokidoki Violetta NRFB– PHOTOS NOW UP!  NRFB Doll no box dents etc
Dibs List- 1) Desiree Holmes 2) TimmiLynn Johnson 3) Jenny Lynn 4) Jade Aslop 5) Dana Renise D’Ambroise 
Status: Attempting to contact 4th on dibs list!



Last Updated as of 11/19/2017 10:17 PM

Sales Photos:  I have had a few people ask me why take so many photos with like the stock laid out but I want to make sure I am covering myself and that no pieces are missing etc.

Sold Dolls shipped/delivered shipped awaiting delivery confirmation shipping next hold shipment 
Pullip My Melody Hen-nako – Amanda Schwarz Shipped/delivered!
Taeyang MIO kit- Kirsten Rose Kopp Shipped/delivered!
Pullip Rose & Pullip Hino- Ashley Brooke Akers- Shipped 
Isul Gosomi Shalea- Shipped Received!
Taeyang MIO Kit Stephanie Rohrer Shipped Received!
Pullip Amelia Heather Hulinsky- Shipped Received!
Pullip Bonnie/Pullip Naoko (stock only) MINE!
Pullip Cheshire Cat/Pullip Merl/Pullip Naoko nude Betsy Carney- Picked Up!
Byul Secomi Leah Balasa- Shipped! Received
Taeyang Dodo/MIO kit Kathryn Dodd- Shipped! Received!
Pullip Bloody Red Hood Amber Dempsey- Shipped Received!
Pullip Princess Serenity/Canele/Snow White– Frances Lynch Monday
Pullip Ally Juanita Haney- Shipped! Received
Dalcumi/Milk Latte- Justin Kong
Nana-chan/Tiphona/Lunatic Queen/Favorite Ribbon/Nella/Taeyang MIO– Savannah Glischka
Lupinus/Marie/Stefie/Eve Sweet- Kerissa Tofaagaoali’i Manns hold
Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream Version- Daisy Shiomoko hold
Isul Sith Scarlett Bacchus Shipped!
Isul White Rabbit Du Jardin Karen Bullock Shipped!
Optical Alice Aura Carillo Gonzalez
Favorite Ribbon Chocolate Version Alexa Robinson
Wilhelmina & Alura Stacey Kreston
Dahlia Cinderella Paolo Reyes
Alfred Nicole Marie Walters
Alice in Steampunk World/Mad Hatter in Steampunk World/Fairy Lumiere- Frances Monday
Taeyang Mad Hatter du Jardin & Pullip Akemi Chizuki Hanako
Dal Hangry- Allison
Dal Charlemagne– Dahlia Larges

Dal Romantic White Rabbit- Pingsie Tham
My Select Frara twins- Stephanie Victoria
Heather Hulinski Callie
Kathryn Dodd Leroy Shipped
Marci Stevenson Isul Eder Shipped

Nostalgia Lir, Romantic Mad Hatter & Glen Michael G
Pullip Tokidoki Super Stella & Pullip Peter Pan Timmi Lynn Johnson
Pullip Tokidoki Lunarosa Jen Ole
Isul Classical Mad Hatter, Isul White Rabbit in Steampunk World, Taeyang MIO Kit, Pullip Prupate Mandy Veung
Modified Delorean Betsy Carney
Pullip ha-ha Heather Hulinsky
Dal Hello Little Girl Rachel Robitika
Isul Hamilton & Isul Lir Pipp Gurl
Classical Alice Sepia Amanda Schwartz
Dal Alpin Jess Lebar
Dal Chenille du Jardin Heather Hulinsky

PHOTOS OF ALL OF THE SOLD DOLLS CAN BE SEEN HERE I moved them because this page was becoming a bit too long and overly complicated to read.