Mocha MIO Make It Own Dal Kits Announced!

Groove recently made a very exciting announcement for all of those who enjoy customizing Pullip and friends, for the first time ever the Dal MIO or Make It Own kits will be released in the Mocha skin tone. The Mocha MIO Pullip kits were something that community had been hoping for since the MIO kits were first announced so I know a lot of people will be excited that now we will be able to have Dal kits in Mocha as well. I wonder if we will see other dolls such as Isul released in Mocha too eventually.

The Mocha MIO Dal will be released in September in Japan they are already available to preorder versus Groove’s official store here. The Mocha Dal kits are not expected to be released in the US until one month later. The kit has a MSRP of 4200 yen.

Pullipstyle has said that they are expecting a restock of the Pullip Mocha MIO kits around the middle of September, they had recently restocked Pullip Natural MIO kits but the pent up demand for MIO kits meant that they did not last very long once they did come in stock.

Pullipstyle just opened preorders for five packs of Pullip Mocha MIO kits via their website here. Pullipstyle does not offer preorders for single kits, they didn’t offer a preorder option at all for the kits until recently when they compromised and opened preorders for multi-packs.

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