Groove teases future collaboration with Gouk

Groove just announced a future collaboration with Gouk which is a Japanese clothing company via their blog. Gouk seems to specialize in wa-loli style clothing. Groove included two sketches of potential designs by Gouk in their blog post, I’m assuming because we are seeing two very different designs that it is likely that we will see both dolls released eventually one might be released sooner than the other but I’m sure with time we will see both dolls actually receive a release. What is really interesting about this is we normally do not receive news of dolls until they are much farther along in the stages of design, a prototype might be spotted at an event months before it is announced but we rarely see designs before they prototyped I can’t recall if this ever actually happened before or not. This is kind of a unique glimpse into the design process.
I really love this design, it’s definitely my favorite of the two designs though I feel like both designs are really strong! I love the colors and the mix of patterned fabrics, she kind of makes me think of a wa-loli version of Little Red Riding Hood. I know it will likely be Pullip that will get this design but how adorable would this outfit be on a Dal?
The first design has a bit of a youthful feel to it, this design definitely seems more refined and mature. There is a simple elegance in this design. I really hope that the Pullip has a dramatic face up with lots of purple or blue eyeshadow to make this design really pop.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of these designs and how well they translate into doll form, I can’t wait for further news about this upcoming collaboration!

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2 Responses to Groove teases future collaboration with Gouk

  1. Tenko says:

    I never heard of Goup, but I love those designs.

  2. I love that red one; it makes me think of some of MEIKO’s costumes in the Project Diva games. If it’s for Pullip instead of Dal, I am so going to have to put my MEIKO Pullip in it. 🙂 (You’re right that it would be adorable on a Dal, though.)

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