Groove attends AnimeJapan

Groove is attending AnimeJapan this weekend at Tokyo Big Sight, the event celebrates animation in Japan. This year in particular is really special because 2017 marks the 100th year anniversary of animation in Japan. They wrote about their upcoming attendance at the event via their blog recently.
20170321115326040This is the first year that Groove has exhibited at AnimeJapan this event allows them the perfect opportunity to show off some of their collaboration dolls including exciting upcoming releases as well as some of their recent past collaboration series like Rozen Maiden and Sailor Moon. Groove posted a few photos of their exhibit at the event via their twitter account earlier today.
C7vSoQmUwAAJrWlI absolutely love the giant posters/cardboard cutouts  of  Disney Doll Collection Cinderella and Touken Ranbu -Online- Isul Yagen Toushirou that Groove used to decorate their exhibit. Groove definitely seems to be hyping their upcoming releases which is smart as they want to attract as much attention to them as possible but I’m happy to see some of the older collaboration series such as the various Rozen Maiden Pullips and Sailor Moon Pullips on display in the background as well. These pictures are also kind of interesting because this is the first time we have seen Cinderella or Yagen Toushirou in box.
cindereI zoomed in on the above shot to try to get a closer look at Cinderella’s box, it looks like there is the Disney Cinderella logo as well as a small picture of Disney’s Cinderella on the box.  Cinderella is supposed to be the first doll in a new Doll Collection collaboration series with Disney.
C7vSoQRU8AAE_rdIt’s also nice to see the first doll in the Touken Ranbu -Online- series, I was hoping that maybe future dolls in the series might make an appearance at this event as well but no such luck yet anyway (or maybe Groove just won’t post those photos).

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