Alice in Steampunk World Cheshire Cat Pullip Announced!

Groove and Jun Planning before it really love Alice in Wonderland, it’s one of their most popular themes that they have returned to time and again. Starting in 2015 they coupled Alice in Wonderland with their other wildly popular theme steampunk to release a new series of dolls called Alice in Steampunk World, it’s an interesting twist and Alice lends herself well to steampunk fashion. The Alice in Steampunk World line debuted with the release of Pullip Alice of Steampunk World in June of 2015 (her review can be read here), since then she has been joined by Isul White Rabbit in Steampunk World, Dal Alice in Steampunk World, Pullip Mad Hatter in Steampunk World and Taeyang Dodo in Steampunk World. The sixth doll in the Alice in Steampunk World line was announced last night and it’s Pullip Cheshire Cat!

The Cheshire Cat is one of the most iconic characters from Alice in Wonderland so it’s kind of surprising that this is the first time a full-sized Pullip release has been based off of the character especially when you consider just how many Alice releases have come out over the years (thirty four by my count for the full list check out the collaboration list here). The only other full-sized doll release based off of Cheshire Cat is Byul Cheshire Cat who was released as a part of the Alice du Jardin line. I’ve been hoping for a Pullip Cheshire Cat for years so I am very excited that one if finally being released! Pullip Cheshire Cat is going to be an October release in Japan, she will be released one month later here in the US. She is priced at 18,000 yen which is approximately $179 as of this writing.
P183_02_mailAs if the new Cheshire Cat Pullip wasn’t exciting enough on it’s own, her release marks the debut of a new style of two stage eyelids. My understanding is that the new eyelids are capable of staying closed in two different positions fully closed or partially closed for a seductive look, maybe? I hope more details are announced prior to her release on this feature, I’m sold anyway on her but I am really curious if it’s a whole new style of eye mechanism in her or just a change in how the eye mechanism levers are constructed.
Most people tend to think of the Cheshire Cat’s color scheme as being the pink/purple colors like in the animated Disney classic film or maybe the grey of the newer live action Alice in Wonderland films by Tim Burton but Lewis Carrol didn’t really describe a color only a grin. I know some people are disappointed she isn’t purple or pink but red is just as valid a color as any for her. Frankly I’m a fan of the red I think she fits in well with the rest of the dolls from the line and that pink or purple would have made her stick out a bit too much.
I absolutely love those steampunk cat ears! I love the mix of different fabrics and textures used in her stock outfit, the different striped fabrics balance each other out nicely. She has a corset that appears to be a removable element similar to how Pullip Steampunk Alice’s corset works, I like the contrast of the corset with the different striped fabric used and the big stompy black boots really complete the look!

I’m kind of surprised that Groove didn’t choose to exemplify her grin more I half expected for her have an open mouth grin like Pullip Tokidoki Luna but I actually really do enjoy her understated smile. Her face up in general is kind of subdued in color, it would be very easy for a Cheshire Cat Pullip to go over the top but I think in this case with the red it would have been too easy to get overwhelmed by all the color and she would kind of lose her potential for versatility outside of her stock. Though I would kind of be aghast to see it as I love her so in her stock, I can see this Pullip working with a variety of wigs and clothing styles.
She even has a cat tail! The tail appears to be made out of faux fur!
Pullip Cheshire Cat with the rest of the Alice in Steampunk World releases, it almost looks as though there is room for one more… dare I hope for a Byul Dormouse or maybe a Dal?

Verdict? I will definitely be getting the Cheshire Cat Pullip, I love the character and I have been wanting a Cheshire Cat Pullip for years. I really love her design and can’t wait to add her to my Alice in Wonderland crew.

I will be sure to update here when the dolls become available for preorder via JPGroove and Pullipstyle. I will also update if any additional information is released about the new two-stage eyelids, I’m really hoping that Groove releases more photos of Cheshire Cat before her release!

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1 Response to Alice in Steampunk World Cheshire Cat Pullip Announced!

  1. KatsCauldron says:

    Oh she is so precious! I love love love her!!!! She is one of the top Pullip dolls of this type I have ever wanted. I love steampunk and AIW characters. It is too bad that I just fell into another financial disaster where I had to back out of a 3 doll resin 1/4 bjd layaway and even put off a week putting money down for one from a reputable seller that was willing to hold three for me to pay off with what they usually allowed for 1 doll. SIGH! Why does all the good dolls and sales come up when I have no chance of doing anything about it. You must get her and fill your blog with pics!

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