DC Legion of Collectors Suicide Squad Box

Time for something a little bit different from today! I’m admittedly a bit of a comics dork with a special weakness for Joker and Harley Quinn, while I’m not exactly convinced that Suicide Squad will be a quality film I’m pleased by the flood of merchandise it has caused. Just with Funko pops, once all the new exclusive versions are factored in there are five new Harley Quinn pops: normal Suicide Squad, Prison Uniform version GameStop exclusive, Joker & Harley Quinn metallic two-pack exclusive to FYE, Harley Quinn gown version Hot Topic exclusive and Dr. Harleen Quinzell which will be exclusive to Walmart. I’m still missing the Walmart version but have tracked down all the others!

Funko releases bi-monthly subscription boxes for DC comics, Marvel and Star Wars they each come with a Funko pop, a t-shirt, a pin and a patch every box plus other items like maybe a dorbz one box and mystery minis the next. I’ve been collecting Funko Pops off and on since the early days of the line. Earlier this year I ordered the Deadpool box from Marvel Collector Corps and was really impressed with it, I subsequently ordered a few more of the MCC boxes and have been consistently pretty happy with them. I tend to prefer the actual comics from DC over Marvel but neither of the first two themes of the DC Legion of Collectors really appealed to me (Batman versus Superman & DC TV) then the third box was announced with a Suicide Squad theme and I had to order it! The box arrived in the mail today so I decided to post a little review of it.

loc1The box with the regular Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Funko Pop for scale, if you want to see what’s the inside the box please continue behind the cut…

Upon opening the box I found the Katana patch and the Deadshot pin. I actually really like the Katana patch though I’m not sure how I will actually use it yet.
Postcard explaining what everything is in the box.
loc5I haven’t read the comic yet but I absolutely love the cover illustration on it.
The figures are Joker and Harley Quinn, they are similar in size and style to Funko’s re-action line but are the first in a new line of action figures that will be exclusive to future LoC boxes. If I was going to get this style of figures, I’m glad that I received Joker and Harley Quinn at least. I’m not quite sure what I will do with them just yet I’ll probably just keep them in their packages and put them on display with my growing Suicide Squad display.
loc6I will say that I’m really impressed with the packaging on both figures, it’s very unique and each package is tailored to it’s respective figure Joker says Haha while Harley Quinn has her trademark diamond pattern. The Joker figure seems pretty well done for what they are, there is a fair amount of detail on him.
Harley Quinn’s articulation points are a lot more obvious and glaring to me it doesn’t help that it looks like Joker gave my Harley Quinn a black eye (there is a lot of light blue paint randomly on her face). loc8I love the design of the shirt, it features a lot of different characters from the film though I wish they had somehow included the whole cast as like poor Diablo and Killer Croc are left out entirely in the box.

loc9I don’t think that Enchantress being the exclusive pop is really much of a surprise, she had been shown with the other Suicide Squad pops at Toy Fair and is even on the back of the box of the other Suicide Squad pops but never showed up in stores as an exclusive or otherwise.
loc13Enchantress comes with a clear stand which helps her tremendously as she is very top heavy.
Enchantress is an incredibly detailed pop, in general the Suicide Squad pops have all been amazingly detailed but Enchantress definitely seems to be the most intricate.
Enchantress is definitely an intimidating pop!

The theme for the next box is Women of DC, I’ll definitely be ordering it! I’m hoping the pop is Huntress or maybe a more faithful to the comics version of Poison Ivy or Black Canary.

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