Pullipstyle exclusive Pullip Amelia preorders opening soon!

Pullipstyle just posted some additional information about their upcoming exclusive Pullip Amelia via their facebook page today, I’m just going to quote it in it’s entirety.

Our hope is to open up preorders for our new exclusive doll Pullip Amelia on our website some time over this holiday weekend! We will post to our facebook once preorders begin, we are not really sure of exact time/day yet as it’ll honestly depend how busy we are. Pullip Amelia will be released in August and is limited to only 400.

Pullip Amelia was designed to be versatile, did we mention that her hat and capelet are reversible elements? You can choose whether or not you want to show her softer side. Her bunny ears are on hair clips and can be worn with or without the hat. In addition to goggles she comes with a cactus purse.

All I can say is wow, Klein and Requiemart Designs are some very talented and creative ladies!

I’m very proud to be one of the creative minds behind Amelia with my partner in crime Requiemart.  I’ve been having a devil of a time keeping my mouth shut about her especially as the production sample has been here so I could photograph it over the last few weeks. I hope everyone is as excited as I am about her release!

Hopping from cloud to cloud high up in the sky, no eagle will catch me!

This has definitely been a very interesting experience from start to beginning for me. This has been a long journey, I’m not sure how specific I can be without getting myself in trouble but I first started pitching ideas almost a year ago and the prototype was sent in to Groove earlier this year or maybe very late last year.

My original idea wasn’t a Pullip, what I had pitched was a Dal version of Pullip Froggy in frog themed raingear but I was told that they weren’t really interested in that idea at the time but maybe the overall idea of them doing another exclusive wasn’t a bad idea. I knew Pullipstyle runs a bunny rescue and I thought a bunny themed Pullip had the potential to be really cute and make an excellent foil for their previous exclusive Pullip Froggy. The design that became Amelia was my personal favorite but I actually came up with a bunch of alternate bunny designs and they all went through varying rounds of revisions even Amelia’s original design went through a bunch. For example, Amelia initially had a skirt but the pumpkin pants migrated over from a snow bunny design at some point. I think the very first design she also had a carrot purse instead of a cactus purse.

Requiemart and I are close friends, we had been talking all throughout the design process so when the opportunity came to turn Amelia’s design into reality we seized the opportunity to team up!

As collectors ourselves, Requiemart and I felt it was very important to us that Amelia be designed with what we as collectors would want in a Pullip. Her outfit was designed with maximum versatility in mind, the pieces were designed to be something that could be mixed and matched and the pilot hat and capelet are reversible. Pullip needs fun accessories, right? We have got goggles and a cactus purse! The fact that Pullipstyle is now based in Arizona was not lost on us, for anyone not so familiar with Arizona it’s in the southwestern United States has lots of desert and can reach temperatures of like 115 degrees fahrenheit. We based Amelia’s color palette on the desert especially desert flowers (the teal is a bit of a cheat but it provided an interesting bit of contrast). When we were picking out eyechips I came up with the idea that Amelia really needed to have either a carrot or a tiny bunny head in her eyechip, Requiemart tried out the tiny bunny idea and it just looked perfect! There’s never really been a Pullip release with really bright green hair before, I knew that I really wanted her to at least have green streaks in her wig since the very beginning so when we couldn’t find the perfect wig we were looking for Requiemart ended up making it, light pink streaks were added to make the green really pop.  We weren’t sure if the wig was going to end up actually being used or not, so we included an alternate wig that would potentially be easier to reproduce that wasn’t quite as cool thankfully Groove was able to reproduce the perfect wig for her!

Another important aspect of her design was that we wanted to make sure she was a more affordable release, it seems like lately Pullip’s price has just getting higher and higher recently and we felt like a more budget friendly release was desperately needed!
This is one of my pictures of the original prototype, it’s interesting to see what got changed from prototype. The original hood on the prototype had a lot more intricate patchwork design that ended up being simplified in the production model. The boots were changed completely and we lost some of the more intricate paint details on them. The pumpkin pants are similar in color to the original design but the fabric on the original had kind of an interesting design on it but it was probably more cost effective to use a fabric without a design. I reused the goggles from my Dal Ra Muw on the prototype, I don’t even think they had the lens in them at that point our hope had been that she would receive the slimmer style goggles that came with Timulus but unfortunately it wasn’t possible so she ended up keeping the painted Ra Muw goggles. Something else to be noted the original prototype was made from a tanned MIO kit.

I still like the prototype a little better because I know all the work that went into her but I feel like Groove did a good job in translating her prototype into a production model.
Amelia didn’t officially have a name until quite late, the first draft of the bunny design that would become Amelia had the nickname Jackrabbit Slim. All of the designs had some sort of quirky title associated with them so we could differentiate which design we were speaking of at the time. Amelia didn’t officially receive her name until after the prototype was produced, she received her name from Pullipstyle. After the design had been picked we had simply been calling her Bunny, I kind of figured that Pullipstyle would want to name her after one of their rabbits but I honestly don’t think that any name could suit her nearly so well as Amelia… I mean she is a bunny pilot after all!
I loved seeing everyone’s reactions to her as the photos were revealed and we could see more and more of her. I’ve also kind of been a nervous wreck about the photos being revealed as I was worried that nobody would like her besides us, of course. The feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive about Amelia, I knew no matter what not everyone was going to love her as it’s impossible to please everyone because everyone has different tastes but I’m very happy with how well received she is as a release and I hope that she sells really well for Pullipstyle.  I’m especially thrilled that I’ve seen  comments from collectors who had kind of fallen out of love with Pullip saying that she has reignited their interest.

I’ve had a really hard, next to impossible time keeping quiet and containing my excitement about Amelia’s release especially as more of my photos of Amelia were posted and everyone was reacting. I desperately wanted to answer questions that I couldn’t yet. As frustrating as it was not being able to say anything, I did enjoy the degree of anonymity it gave me as like writing this was probably one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to write this much attention makes me feel uncomfortable and I feel like I’m really struggling to articulate things now >_<.

I’m incredibly grateful to my design partner Requiemart (even though she posted my initial design sketch on facebook and I almost died of embarrassment) and of course to Pullipstyle for giving us this amazing opportunity!

I do have a production sample currently on loan from Pullipstyle and will be posting more photos of Amelia, very soon!

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