Additional photos of Pullip ha-ha & Pullip ho-ho

Groove posted a few additional pictures of their newly announced August releases Pullip ha-ha and Dal ho-ho on display via their blog. The dolls have a MSRP of 18000 yen each. For anyone that missed here is the full write-up of their announcement.
2016070113362073aThe lighting is a bit weird in the photos as the dolls were photographed while on display at Animega Shinjuku Alta shop but I thought it was kind of noteworthy because the mysterious little unibunny float is actually pictured with the dolls so we can get an idea of scale. The floats are kind of on the small side.

I’m not sure if it was just random chance that one of the Cinderella Pullips just happened to be behind Pullip ha-ha or not but it certainly did not help my initial impression of ha-ha looking bit too much the Cinderella’s.
As was pointed out by a few of my readers, the rather baffling sprout head accessory is apparently actually a trend in China and was even covered by CNN. Thanks to Shuga & Cornflowerblue for the tip!

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