New Pullipstyle Exclusive Pullip coming soon!

Pullipstyle is my favorite Pullip retailer, they offer reliable customer service and very affordable prices. Almost four years ago to everyone’s delight, Pullipstyle released a limited edition exclusive Pullip named Froggy based on the previously released Little Pullip Froggy. Froggy was very popular, she was always one of the most popular Little Pullip designs and she was very reminiscent of some of the older, classic Pullip designs.

froggyPullipstyle has very recently been teasing everyone with the idea of them releasing another exclusive Pullip. It all started with a close up of an eye a little over a week ago saying to keep an eye out for a new exclusive towards the end of the summer. Today they revealed a close up photo of her face and what a pretty face it is! This past weekend PUDDLE attendees got to see the same photo a few days early.
Pullipstyle Exclusive TeaserDetails are few and far between, even her name has not been revealed yet. Her release date is later this summer so maybe July or August? No information on price yet. It has been stated that her theme is a bunny pilot girl  and that she is an original design ie. not based on a previous release like Leprotto as many theorized. Pullipstyle mentioned in a comment that she will be limited to 400 pieces like Froggy was before her, Froggy sold out fairly quickly and I expect this one too as well based on how well received the few teasers have been received. I look forward to sharing more information and photos as they become available!

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1 Response to New Pullipstyle Exclusive Pullip coming soon!

  1. Kyaaaaa! says:

    How long it took for Froggy to get sold out? Was it two months or something like this? 🙂

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