Taeyang Dodo in Steampunk World

Groove also announced the fifth addition to the Alice in Steampunk line of Pullips  via their blog tonight, I have to give Groove points for originality I don’t think I ever expected to see a doll version of the Dodo character from Alice in Wonderland. Taeyang Dodo in Steampunk World is set to be released in March and has a MSRP of 22000 yen (which makes him 4000 yen higher than the Alice in Steampunk Land Dal).

For those of you unfamiliar with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland the Dodo is a minor character, he leads the Caucus Race where everyone wins as the participants can run in any sort of pattern they like as well as start and stop wherever they like. He only appears in a few early chapters of the book so he isn’t really as iconic as some of the other well known characters in the book that are sorely in need of dolls :: HINT:: I’D LOVE A STEAMPUNK CHESHIRE CAT PULLIP ::HINT:: but he is definitely something very unexpected.


Dodo’s stock outfit seems to be well made, I love the contrast of the different patterns and I’m especially in love with the checkerboard green/black jacket without the beak/eye patch combo he honestly doesn’t look that steampunkish to me. He comes with a gun which seems to be an odd accessory choice for him, maybe it’s supposed to be a starter’s pistol? He does run a race after all.
DodoIt’s easy to kind of overlook him or dismiss him as silly because of the beak which is a tremendous disservice to him as he really has a great face up hiding underneath it. It’s definitely one of the more colorful Taeyang faces that I can recall seeing and I love how detailed his eyebrows are. I also love his lip color.  His wig seems to be a subtle mix of blond with green undertones.
DodoWithout the beak he is really quite a handsome Taeyang. Even stripped down without most of his steampunk accessories he is pretty appealing.

Verdict: I’m cautiously optimistic about him, I’m prioritizing getting the Dal Alice in Steampunk World over him as I tend to have a prefer girl dolls but I will likely get him eventually as well not because he is Alice in Wonderland related but because that is a great looking Taeyang release hiding underneath that beak. If I do get him I will add a cowboy hat and just make him an incredibly fashion forward cowboy!

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