Pullip Alte

Please join me on a walk down memory lane to the halcyon days of 2007, when Pullip was still made by Jun Planning, collaboration dolls were still a new thing that didn’t dominate the release schedule and before most of my pocket money was spent on dolls every month. Back then each Pullip release had a really distinct personality, they had their own feeling. There had only been two collaborations Pullip Holly who was based on Audrey Hepburn’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the first series of Rozen Maiden dolls which was still the process of being released. Pullip Alte was released in April of that year, she was a very classy release that I feel like has become a bit of an overlooked gem over the intervening years. Thanks to JPGroove’s Sample Sale, I recently had the opportunity to have a perfectly stock and unaltered Pullip Alte come visit me briefly before moving on to her forever home with a dear friend of mine in Australia. I received permission from my friend to feature Alte here before sending her on as I prefer to feature mostly stock dolls here and my Pullip Alte has been changed up a bit over the years with new eye chips and a new wig.

Pullip Alte was released in March of 2007 alongside Taeyang Lead.  She had a MSRP of 10000 yen. Despite the fact that she was released eight years ago, she is still available for purchase at a reasonable price via Pullipstyle and JPGroove (they also has a dent box Alte for a little cheaper here).

AlteLovely time with my doggy. I take a walk in gentle shine. It is the beginning of comfortable day, and I feel it is going to be a pleasant one… Feel like so.

Since Alte was purchased via JPGroove’s Sample Sale, I unfortunately do not have box photos of her to share. I can say that she originally came with a metal Pullip stand as well as a card in addition to what is pictured here. In place of the normal box photos, let me share something a little bit different…
giataThis catalog is from late 2006, it features Pullip Stica who was released more or less unchanged, a fancier version of Pullip Blance and Pullip Giata who bears a striking resemblance to Pullip Alte. The fabrics have been changed around and the jacket is a little bit different but she definitely seems to have the same spirit as Alte. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that maybe Jun Planning couldn’t secure the fabric needed for the original design. Which version do you prefer Alte or Giata?  I think Alte looks much classier than Giata but both dolls are very cute!

I’ve had this photo saved for years on my hard drive,  it originated from dollbbs.com but I was unable to find the original poster after this many years but I thought it was a relevant little piece of history/information that should be shared.
Alte has a nice face up. Her lips are pale pink, the top lip is outlined in hot pink while the bottom lip is lined throughout they provide a really interesting pop of color. Her eye make up is a little different than usual, the way the eyeliner frames her eye it almost appears to give her eyes a slightly different shape. She has very rich brown eyes. Alte has a single ear piecing on her left ear, the charm on her earring is a small dog. For whatever reason, Jun Planning released a few dolls with piercings on only one side.
Alte stockAlte’s stock consists of a dress with a petticoat sewn in, panties, socks, boots, hat with detachable pin, jacket as well as a dog with a leash. The stock is well made though I wish that the petticoat was a detachable element rather than sewn in. The top part of the dress is especially nice but more on that a bit later in the review. It should be noted that the pin on her hat has real fur, I’m not trying to start a debate on the ethics of the use of fur on doll clothing just stating the facts so that an informed decision can be made.
Alte’s wig is a nice rich shade of chestnut brown, the wig is very thick and the quality is nice. There is a little bit of a curl at the bottom.
Alte loves her little doggy friend and he certainly complements her outfit very well!
AlteShe sure is a really lovely girl! I’m almost starting to regret rechipping and rewigging mine, I had forgotten how pretty she was stock.
AlteA little bit of a closer look at her jacket, the sleeves have pearl button detailing. I think the silver in her jacket and hat breaks up the stark contrast of the black and white of her stock really nicely.
Cute dog!Alte comes with a cute little doggy friend, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a specific breed or not but to me it seems to resemble a Boston Terrier or maybe it’s a French Bulldog? I absolutely love her boots!
AlteShe even looks quite nice without the jacket!
AlteWho knew she was hiding such a darling little top under that jacket? Normally the pieces of clothing you can’t really see in the promotional photos tend to be plain and unimpressive but this is quite detailed with all it’s lace and the four tiny faux pearl buttons down the center. My only complaint is that I wish it wasn’t part of the dress and was a detachable element as I’m sure it would be very versatile.
AltePart of the reason I decided to do this review is that I feel like a lot of newer Pullip collectors kind of overlook the older releases, I can definitely kind of understand it because there are just so many releases now but I wanted to give Alte a moment in the spotlight. I hope you enjoyed reading this, dear readers! As always there are additional photos of Pullip Alte on my flickr. A special thank you to Miss Edith for allowing me to play with her Alte before sending her on!

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