Innocent Flowers Pullip Eve Sweet announced for September!

Groove has just announced something exciting and new via their blog, Pullip Eve Sweet! Eve Sweet is an Ars Gratia Artis original design, she is being billed as the first new doll in a new original series called Innocent Flowers. She is very exciting because she is the first truly unique doll this year so far everything released this year has been a collaboration (Sailor Moon/Kuroshitsuji/Creator’s Label) or Alice x Steampunk which are both themes we have seen before albeit separately and not at that same time before.

Eve Sweet is set for a September release in Japan, she will be released in the US one month later. She has a MSRP of 18000 yen.
Innocent Flowers Eve SweetAGA mentioned via their facebook that she had won the fan favorite vote at Doll Show 43 a few months ago, I looked back over the photos I had been sent from the event and I found her! I’m hoping the Dal next to her is also released someday.   Doll Show 43

Innocent Flowers Eve SweetWhat a lovely girl! She makes me think of spring-time. She has such an innocent and sweet face up, she has very bright blue eyes and I love her lip make up though it does remind me a little of Aquel’s. Her wig looks really nice too, the color is such a lovely shade of pale rose. It’s been quite a while since we have seen a really colorful original release so I’m really pleasantly surprised by her and how different she is from recent releases.
Innocent Flowers Eve SweetHer stock outfit has lots of nice details, I love all the little floral details though I find myself wishing that they had maybe toned the green a little bit on her apron and used a pale purple instead maybe. 
P158_09_mail The underdress is not very fitted but it is very cute, it would be versatile especially for mori clothing styles. I absolutely adore her little clogs, the bows on them are so sweet. The textured stockings are also kind of a nice touch. Innocent Flowers Eve Sweet
The back of the dress for anyone curious, the clogs are even adorable from the back.

I will be sure to update if any additional photos of her become available and when she becomes available for preorder via Pullipstyle/JPGroove.

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2 Responses to Innocent Flowers Pullip Eve Sweet announced for September!

  1. Raspberry811 says:

    She is so cute! I love her haircolour so much :3 But i think a different eyecolour would have suited her better. A bright green or a purple would look looked nice on her i think. But she is still beautiful ^w^

  2. Mouse in Psychosis says:

    I will buy her without a doubt the moment she goes on sale. I think the expression painted on her face is incredibly trusting, loving and vulnerable, for me it is all about the position of a doll’s eyebrows, that really determines her personality for me, and I really like hers. I personally like the vivid blue color of her eyechips, especially when she is wearing the simple cotton slip underneath, she reminds me of Dal Silane, another great beauty I want to acquire some day. What I am not sure I like is the color of the liner, and the color of the brow, even though I loved the brow shape, these are very subtle details though that lighting can effect, I may feel different when I see her in person, it can be very hard to capture a doll’s beauty on camera. Where I am happiest with the use of color is her dress, I think the pops of color in the flowers are striking, and balanced by a simple, sedate face and the fabric looks well-constructed, which keeps it from being overly busy. The pearlescent tone to the shoes are my fav part of her stock. I would give Innocent Flowers Pullip Eve a 90% approval.

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