New Special @Pullipstyle

Pullipstyle announced a new promotion via their facebook page yesterday…

We have an exciting new promotion to announce the marvelous mini and fabulous fashion event!
If you buy any two in stock Pullip & family dolls (Pullip, Taeyang, Isul, Byul or Dal) you will receive a free random little Pullip or Dal.

If you buy any three in stock Pullip & family dolls (Pullip, Taeyang, Isul, Byul or Dal) you will receive a random fashion pack. The fashion packs are random but we can say you will receive either a shrine maiden, a police or a waitress outfit set please note these fashion packs are designed for the older style Pullips so they may be a bit big on the newer Pullips but they still look cute on type 4 Pullip.

fashion packs
****Disclaimer**** Free items are random, you do not get to choose! Quantities are limited, offer only good while supplies last! Offer is good only on in stock items, no preorders! Dolls this promotion applies to include Pullip, Taeyang, Isul, Byul and Dal this promotion does not apply to Pang-ju, J-doll etc.

Yay for buying incentives! For anyone curious these are what the older outfit sets look like on the newer Pullip body type; the waitress outfit is being modeled by Sailor Mercury, the shrine maiden outfit is being modeled by Sailor Mars and the police outfit is being modeled by Nostalgia Merl.
Sailor MercurySailor MarsYou're Under Arrest!

Other things of note, Pullip Alice in Steampunk World and Sailor Uranus are now in stock! It also seems as those there may be a few new additions and/or price reductions to the oddly named Friday Sales Section. My wallet still hasn’t recovered from the JPGroove sample sale so I must abstain from now though if I can manage I’ll definitely try to use as this an excuse to finally order Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Chibi Moon.

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3 Responses to New Special @Pullipstyle

  1. 39yearslame says:

    LOL, here’s one for the annals of crazy: I went to check it out, even though I’ve been over-spending lately (in part thanks to that JPGroove sale you directed us to a few weeks ago, and in part due to a broken laptop), and saw that they had a “sample sale” of two of the little Pullips I most wanted, Alice and the Cheshire Cat, for $10 each, and nothing I felt I could afford in full-size dolls.

    So instead of taking advantage of their “buy two and get a random mini doll free” sale, I just bought the two mini dolls instead. 😛 Not quite the order they were hoping for, I’m sure, but sales are sales, right? (Besides, I bought three full-size dolls from them earlier to get the miko outfit already, so they’ve gotten some good business from me not that long ago…which is one of the other reasons I feel like I shouldn’t be spending much money right now…)

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m glad you were able to get the minis you wanted though I probably didn’t need to know the Little Pullip Alice was available to buy on their website as now I definitely want it too although I already have one her outfit fits Pukipuki so she may have been robbed of her outfit ^^; I’m extremely grateful that Pullipstyle and JPGroove have been running these different sales/promotions recently, the dolls have become so expensive lately any incentive to buy is great.

      I honestly haven’t ordered much from Pullipstyle myself lately, I feel kind of bad about it but like I haven’t bought a single 2015 release yet I was getting ready to order Sailor Chibi Moon, I had the money on my paypal and I was all set to go then the sample sale hit ^^; .

      • 39yearslame says:

        The rare doll finds from JPGroove was both a godsend and a heartbreak at the same time; I got two dolls I desperately wanted who were only on still on the market with massive jacked-up prices, but there were so many more I’d already missed out on–a lot of “out of stocks” already by the time I got there, including some I desperately wanted–and so much more than I felt I could afford to get! (I’m an unemployed student; I shouldn’t have such an expensive hobby in the first place!) I wanted to go for the sample sale, too, but I didn’t dare even look at it, for fear of sending my bank account into overdraft. 😦

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