Sailor Moon x Pullip- Sailor Pluto Announced

Groove has just announced the twelfth doll in the very popular Sailor Moon x Pullip series via their blog tonight, it’s Sailor Pluto! Sailor Pluto is due for a September release more details like pricing are still to be announced.

Sailor Pluto is the guardian of the space-time door and is one of the outer sailor senshi alongside Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Saturn.
Sailor Pluto
I can’t wait to see more photos of Pullip Sailor Pluto! Sailor Pluto has a noticeably tanner complexion than the other Sailor scouts in the anime/manga, I would have liked the doll to be a little bit of a darker tan skin-tone but she does have a bit of a tan which I do appreciate and I think it’s a nice tan. I am absolutely wild about her pink lips, they kind of remind me of Papin’s a bit, I’m just absolutely dying to see more photos of her!

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4 Responses to Sailor Moon x Pullip- Sailor Pluto Announced

  1. LisaMB says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m so excited! She’s my favorite scout and has been for 20 years. I love her hair. I just got Byul Lilith (my most wanted) today, big thanks to the sample sale, and I love the green hair. It made me think of Pluto when I saw it today.

    I haven’t kept up buying the Sailor Moon dolls, but I will certainly be preordering this one. There are still a few dolls higher up on my wish list that I’m worried will become harder find, so I haven’t been getting very many of the newer dolls. Princess Serenity is the only Sailor Moon doll I’ve gotten so far.

    I only started collecting Pullips about a year and half ago. I had no idea I’d become so addicted. I’ve really enjoyed your blog and doll listings. They’ve been a big help in collecting.

  2. I love her hair! It seems they have nailed the dark green-black colour!

  3. I loved the doll, but I expected she to be more darker, too. And her expression is too “sweet” for me, Pluto is so adult and serious… But I expect more pictures, maybe it gets better.

    (sorry for bad english, since it’s not my native language)

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