Sailor Moon x Pullip – Luna Pullip & Steampunk x Alice- White Rabbit Isul are now available for preorder @Pullipstyle

Rather than doing two really short posts I’ve decided to combine them into one fairly short post ^^;

P153_06_mail_20150616232031e71If I am real girl….. I can become Princess for you…Feel Like So.

Pullip Luna is the eleventh doll released in the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration. At this point Sailor Moon is second only to Rozen Maiden in terms of number of collaboration dolls released with Groove though Sailor Moon still wins in terms of variety of characters released. Pullipstyle has listed Pullip Luna up for preorder, she is priced at $144 and set for a September release. She is on par cost-wise with the more elaborate Princess Serenity versus the normal Sailor scouts dolls. You can preorder your own Pullip Luna here.
whiterabbitHurry up Alice!!….. I’m a White Rabbit that wound up screw…. Nobody can turn off the gear which continues turning around….Situation Like So.

Isul White Rabbit is the third doll to be released in Alice x Steampunk series, he follows Alice & the Mad Hatter. Pullipstyle has listed him up for preorder, he is priced at $130 and he is set for a September release here in the US. You can preorder your own White Rabbit here and don’t forget to check out previous dolls in the series Alice & the Mad Hatter while you are at it!

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