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Favorite Ribbon was released alongside La Robe Vert Clair in January of 2014, both dolls were part of Groove’s first ever triple collaboration. Groove collaborated with lolita clothing company Baby, the Stars Shine Bright as well as famous models Misako Aoki and Fukasawa Midori to release dolls based upon the likeness of the models wearing clothing designed by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Favorite Ribbon is based on Misako Aoki who is a nurse as well as a model so in addition to the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright designed outfit she also comes with a pink nurse’s uniform. The Favorite Ribbon collection was previously available as human sized lolita clothing via Baby, the Stars Shine Bright it was designed in collaboration with Misako Aoki source.

I was lucky enough to order Favorite Ribbon via Pullipstyle before they sold out of her, while she is no longer available via PS JPGroove still has one available via there website as of this writing.

Favorite Ribbon
With Ribbon that connects many times…..A girl can become happy and a shining princess…. Feel Like So.

Favorite Ribbon in the box
Favorite Ribbon Favorite Ribbon Favorite Ribbon

Favorite Ribbon comes dressed in the Favorite Ribbon ensemble by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright which consists of a blouse, jumper, tights, a ribbon headdress and even comes with coordinating shoes. The quality is really nice and it’s very well-made though I’m not the biggest fan of the color scheme. She also comes with a plain pink nurse’s uniform because Misako Aoki is a registered nurse, I love little themed outfits such as nurse uniforms so this outfit was a big hit with me. She of course, comes with the standard card and stand (gold).

Favorite Ribbon has lovely auburn colored hair, the wig is not really a curled wig more of a gentle wave similar to Nostalgia Merl’s wig. Quality of the wig is nice and I absolutely love the color.
Favorite Ribbon
Ribbon has a lovely face up. I love her detailed and delicate eye make up, I especially love her lower eyelashes in black and the same auburn color as her hair. I also love her light pink lips. She has big brown eyes just like Misako Aoki, I think she is a great representation of her. This is definitely one of the better person to doll translations that Groove has done it is a very faithful adaption. Favorite Ribbon
Ribbon’s outfit is nicely detailed, sometimes it amazes me the amount of detail that goes into doll clothing. When I originally saw her promotional photos I wasn’t to sure about the color combination of pink and red used for her stock but I actually liked it a lot better in person than expected, overall she is a very pink doll so the red in her stock makes for a nice contrast.

Favorite Ribbon
Such a lovely girl! I don’t know I waited so long to add her to my doll family but I am glad I was able to get the chance to get her before she became more hard to find. With how beautiful she is, it’s not surprising that she has turned out to be a very popular release this year.
Favorite Ribbon
I like the concept of people being made into dolls though I don’t think I would ever really want one of myself made (mostly because I don’t generally wear feminine clothing at all) but there are a lot of really interesting people that would make good dolls for example I would love to see one made of Mango Park, the almighty creator of Pullip eventually.
Favorite Ribbon & Cranberry-pang
Pang-ju Cranberry-pang seemed like a good match for Favorite Ribbon.
Favorite Ribbon
Favorite Ribbon also comes with a simple nurse’s uniform, it too is pink I would have preferred the more classic white but it is still very cute.
Favorite Ribbon
I wish the nurse’s uniform was a bit more fitted but keeping it simple was probably the only way they were able to include a second outfit at this price point.
Favorite Ribbon
More pictures of Favorite Ribbon are available on my flickr.
Favorite Ribbon

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  1. Tessa says:

    I love her so much!
    Misako Aoki is my Lolita idol and I wish I could get this doll but of course when I went in to order her she sold out!
    I was super upset about that 😦

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