Various Pullip News Updates (Sailor Moon x Pullip etc)


    • More pictures highlighting Princess Serenity and Sailor Venus surfaced via Groove’s blog last night.
    • Pullipstyle has opened up preorders for Sailor Mars, she is priced at $135 and is due for a January release.
    • JPGroove has also opened up preorders for Sailor Mars as well as Princess Serenity; Mars is due for a January release and is priced at $145.95  and Princess Serenity is due for a late December release and is priced at $159.99
    • JPGroove now has little Pullips/Dals/Byuls back on their website, they have a pretty good selection including some of the older minis which are very hard to find these days. Very tempted to snatch up some of the older ones I’m missing.
    • It seems a bit strange to me that we have not heard anything about Doll Carnival yet. Doll Carnival is an annual event put on by Jun Planning/Groove in Japan every year that normally happens some time between mid-November and late December. Doll Carnival is normally exciting because prototypes of possible future releases are displayed and there is a limited edition exclusive doll such as the original Dal Jouet or Pullip Isolde.
    • I have acquired a copy of Dolly Japan Volume 2, I will be sharing some photos from it here in the next few days.
    • The recently arrived Pullip Sailor Mercury will be the next doll reviewed here, she will be followed by Pullip Hina Ichigo… after that, I’m not sure I did recently acquire a second Super Stella Pullip so I have one to debox/photos, plus La Robe Vert Clair, Aurora and a few others have been on the backburner for a while.
    • I’m sorry that my updates have become a bit infrequent recently but I have stuff going on my personal life right now so I don’t have as much time to focus on dolls as I normally do, my sister-in-law Chelsea Bruck is still missing and that situation still consumes a lot of my time.

Lots more promotional photos of Princess Serenity and Sailor Venus behind the cut.
Sailor Venus-  The new photos of Sailor Venus are really unfortunate for my wallet as they really make me want her that much more, I mean it wasn’t hard she is already my favorite inner Sailor senshi. Hopefully I’ll be able to get Venus before Christmas.






Princess Serenity- The photos of Sailor Venus made me want her more and made me more excited about her, I wish I could say the same about Princess Serenity. I’m still on the fence, on the one hand the photos are nicely staged but the lighting is kind of inconsistent and it makes it kind of hard to see what you are really getting; personally if I am going to shell out almost $150 for a doll I want to clearly see what I am getting!

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