Pullip Sailor Mars Announced! Various other small updates

A single photo of the latest doll in the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration has surfaced via Sailor Moon official site it’s the fiery Pullip Sailor Mars.
Sailor Mars
No information on pricing/release date has been released yet, I would guess based on past releases in the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration that she is going to have a MSRP of 16000 yen and probably a December release. There will more than likely be some form of a Bandai store exclusive item (shinto outfit? school uniform?). I’m definitely interested in seeing more pictures of her.

Various other small updates!

  •  I have updated the post about the release of Mi-chan and Nana-chan with more  information about the two different versions of Taeyang Mi-chan as it has become available.
  • I’ve gone through and updated/corrected all of the release lists.
  • This all arrived on Saturday from Pullipstyle, Pullips Hina Ichigo and Kirakishou from the 2014 Rozen Maiden x Pullip collaboration as well as Taeyang Gackt, an older Pullip outfit set and a Pullip Marianne notebook.  Gackt has been on my radar for a while but he hadn’t been a priority, this one came from the dentbox section. His arm came out of the socket at the shoulder joint it’s a really easy fix  so I could not resist the bargain!

Package from Pullipstyle

  • In personal news the search continues for my sister-in-law Chelsea Bruck, she is never far from my thoughts and the search for her continues to occupy most of my time. The generosity of the community continues to overwhelm me. I pray that we somehow find her safe and sound soon!
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