More Pullip/Taeyang Releases Announced for November!

Groove has announced a new Pullip as well as two new Taeyang releases for November via their blog last night. The new dolls join Princess Serenity from the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration who had already been announced for a November release. Previously Groove had announced that Michan would be releasing an album “7-5 Drowsy” in Japan and that two custom dolls would be featured  on it’s cover. The cover was an alternate limited edition variant.
The custom Taeyang pictured on the alternate album cover was based on Michan himself, the custom Pullip Nanachan seems to be inspired by his cat.
November Releases
When pictures of the pair first surfaced of the pair on Groove’s blog back in August the fan community seemed to be rather taken with them and a lot of people hoped that they would eventually get made as releases especially since there has only been one Taeyang released this year. I guess Groove heard all our prayers.
November Releases

I’ll always stay close to you. Your arms and chest is where I find peace…Feel like so.
Nanachan has a MSRP of 16000 yen.  We’ve had  a few cat themed Pullip releases but none as sweet as this kitten.
She has such an unearthly and dreamlike quality to her. I absolutely love her. I love her stock it has a nice vintage old-fashioned feel to it and adds to her not quite of this world vibe. All the little details on her are fabulous. Her face up is really nice too, I love the pale lips and her eye make up is fantastic. Those green eyes really work nicely with her face up too.

I’m pretty sure I just died of cuteness overdose!

Michan Gothic Version
Me-chan Gothic VersionAnything seems possible with you on my side…Just like every other day, today I’ll say ‘goodnight’ to you in my dream.
Me-chan Gothic Version

This definitely seems to be the year of the Pullip, we’ve been getting two or three Pullip releases a month but only two Isuls, two Dals, a Byul and a single Taeyang before today’s announcement of two different versions of Taeyang Michan were announced today. I’m glad we are finally getting more boys this year. The Gothic Version of Michan has a MSRP of 18000 yen, the LE version is 8000 yen cheaper I’m not really seeing a whole lot of differences to make up the price disparity unless this version comes with the chair..
Me-chan Gothic Version
He is a pretty solid release, I’m sure he will be very popular with all the lady Pullips.

I believe this is the limited version of Michan, the Groove blog post mentions a limited version of Michan before the Gothic Version of Michan and Nanachan and these photos appear first so I shall assume this the LE version they are talking about if it turns out to be otherwise I will update this information.

He has a MSRP of only 10000 yen, which is the cheapest Taeyang we have seen in quite some time he does have a fairly simple yet chic outfit though so that could justify the lower price point. He is supposed to be limited to 300 and exclusive to Groove’s shop.
The face up and wig appear to be the same on both versions of Michan. The string things are detachable and Groove puts emphasis on how they can be used multiple different ways on him like around his neck etc.
He has one of the softest most feminine face ups that I have ever seen on a Taeyang, this isn’t really a complaint I like that they did something different with Taeyang for once. I’m not always the biggest fan of boy dolls but I like that he is different, if I am able to get my hands on the LE version at the cheaper pricepoint I would definitely bring this boy home.

Will post updates when they go up for preorder etc.


The Gothic Mode Version of Mi-chan comes with the both the gothic outfit and the pajama set, the special version comes with only the pajama set. The special version is available for purchase here. One out of every ten of the three hundred (so thirty total) comes with an autographed photo of Mi-chan.


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3 Responses to More Pullip/Taeyang Releases Announced for November!

  1. Margaux says:

    I have to admit, I like this Taeyang. I’ve never liked those boy dolls, really; apart from Isul (but I haven’t found one that I would really want to buy). Maybe it’s because he still looks like a girl Taeyang. =)) Beautiful faceup! Would be worth trying to change the Taeyang body into a Pullip body, if it were up to me. Unfortunately, at 10K and limited to only 300 – it would be impossible to get him. Nana-chan, however, is a no-brainer. She is so adorable! I still wish that the price wasn’t that high for a doll with minimum accessories. The faceup and hair are beautiful though. Usually pullipstyle gives discounts anyway, so I can still buy her in due time. Thanks for the update! Always nice to visit your blog. 🙂

  2. Jane Cherie says:

    The pictures posted by Groove are the actual dolls or only prototypes? I hope those are the actual dolls because I really love Nanachan! She has a gorgeous faceup! I am not usually a fan of Taeyang but this model is also very nice.

  3. Amelia says:

    Is it just me or does it look like the LE version has a ponytail wig but not the Gothic Version?

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