Sailor Moon x Pullip: Princess Serenity Revealed!

A single promotional photo of Pullip Princess Serenity has surfaced via Groove’s Blog. The doll is based on Princess Serenity which is one of Sailor Moon’s three different identities. For those of you unfamiliar with the series in a nutshell towards the end of the first season it is revealed that Sailor Moon is in fact Princess Serenity, the princess of the moon that the Sailor Senshi were looking for in addition to her also being a modern school girl.

It does seem a bit odd to me that they are releasing a second version of one of the characters before all of the inner soldier senshi are released. I know she’s essentially another doll of a character we have already seen before but what a pretty doll she is! At first glance the face ups look fairly similar but Princess Serenity seems to have much more of an air of sophistication to her and no pleather!

Princess Serenity

Virtually no details are known about this release at this time, as soon as details become available I’ll be sure to update but as of right now there is not any information on price/release date or if she will be a standard release (I will not be happy if she ends up a Bandai shop exclusive).

I look forward to seeing more pictures of her! I’m still holding out a vain hope that Groove will eventually make a Sailor V Pullip or at least a Sailor V costume set that can be purchased separately.


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2 Responses to Sailor Moon x Pullip: Princess Serenity Revealed!

  1. Zyris De'Lat says:

    Thank you so much for posting this news! I am so excited for Princess Serenity! I do hope Pullip Style will sell her, for my wallet cannot afford the overseas Bandai exclusives. So bye bye small adorable plushie Luna, and Ami, you are not allowed to attend any schooling while in my house. 😛

    I so hear you on Sailor V. I was positive her Bandai exclusive would be a V costume, but they gave her the school uniform instead. So I am curious if there will be a second doll? I would be absolutely happy with a separate packaged outfit to redress Venus in. 😀

    • kleintoys says:

      Pullipstyle has been able to get just about every doll released over the last few years at some point no matter how limited they were though sometimes they just get very small quantities. I have like complete faith Pullipstyle will be able to offer her at some point. I hear you on the expense of the Bandai exclusive versions.

      I know Groove had been wanting to do a collaboration with Sailor Moon for quite some time, I think it’s probably one of the most expensive for them brands to collaborate with so unfortunately Bandai (the owner’s of Sailor Moon) has a lot of power can demand that they get an exclusive items for the dolls. I honestly expected the Bandai special for Sailor Venus to be Artemis, I’m glad it wasn’t Sailor V’s costume as I would have had to have it. I’ve previously suggested making outfit sets for sale separately for like school uniforms, Sailor Moon Super costume etc. things that I know people would like and buy but maybe not enough to justify having a whole other doll made of.

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