Pullip News Round Up

General News/Updates

      • In case you missed it last night a promo photo of the next doll in the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration has been released. No details have really been revealed yet but take a look at the post anyway as Princess Serenity is gorgeous!
      • New promotional photos featuring Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury with a primary focus on Sailor Mercury have surfaced via Groove’s blog. I featured some of the photos in this post but definitely check out Groove’s post to see all of them. I think Sailor Mercury looks more well done than Sailor Moon.
      • Owner photos of Pullips Meg and Classical Alice Sepia Version are starting to surface (both dolls are now in stock on Pullipstyle by the way). The more photos I see of Meg the more I want her, she has definitely made her way higher up on my wishlist after seeing more photos of her.
      • Dolly Market is offline this weekend, we have been having intermittent server issues for a while now and are using this time to hopefully resolve the issues once and for all. I will post when the forum is back online.

Shop News/Updates

    • A new coupon code is available for Pullipstyle  it is FALL20 and it is good for $20 off of any order off of $250 or more (before shipping).
    • Pullipstyle just restocked the Pale MIO kits, the make it own doll kits are disappearing quick so if you have plans on doing a custom eventually I wouldn’t delay and wait/hope for a restock otherwise you may end up disappointed.


  • Pullip.net is running a Halloween themed photo contest, first prize is Pullip Noir! The entry period is from October 10th to 30th, then voting will be on October 31st and the winner will be announced on November 3rd. Besides Pullip Noir there are also three coupons good for 30% off of any purchase on Pullip.net up for grabs. I do have a zombie themed Pullip and a grand love of all things Halloween so I may actually have to enter this one though I don’t expect to win.
  • We are currently up to the third challenge of Dalicious, the theme for this round is vintage. The theme for the second challenge was adventure, take a look at all the great entries here everyone definitely seems to be bringing their a-game especially since JPGroove and Pullipstyle have very generously donated such great prizes!
  • The Dal House forum is also running a contest for a NRFB Dal which you can read more about here.


  • Hoping to get caught up on replying to comments today as well as finishing up some other small updates I have been working on.  If anyone has any suggestions on things I can add to the Pullip FAQ please let me know, I have made it a bit easier to find and put it on the top navigation bar so people can go directly to it.
  • Pullip Sailor Moon will be the next doll I review here. Pullips Aira, La Robe Vert Clair and Aurora are all on the immediate to do list as well. Other dolls in line to get reviews are Isul Romantic King, Taeyang Wayne, Byul Cheshire Cat, Pullip Varele and Dal Hello Little Girl. I also have a few non-Pullip dolls that need reviewing.
  • Since I mentioned it in a past post, I thought I should update that I did indeed pull together funding in time to order the doll I wanted the Latidoll Peter Pan in Steamland. I am beyond delighted to be adding Captain Hook Lea to my growing Lati Yellow army though it’ll probably be a long wait for her ^^;


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