Pullip News Round Up! Preorders, Dalicious etc updates

    • The preorders for Pullip Carmilla (the queen of the vampires) have opened on Pullipstyle, she is priced at $129.95 and is set for a November release. Preorders have also opened on JPGroove she is priced at $139.95 and is also set for a November release.
    • Dalicious the Dal photo contest hosted by the Dolly Market forum has started, the first challenge is magic. I look forward to seeing everyone’s entries, a lot of people signed up for the contest so there is sure to be lots of lovely Dal photos.
    • Speaking of Dalicious, I have some super exciting news! Pullipstyle had said they were going to send a mini Dal for use as a prize for Dalicious with my next order, I ordered Pullip Sailor Moon last week and she arrived yesterday along with a decidedly not mini Dal.  They sent SDCC exclusive Tokidoki Dal Vendettina to be used as a prize, she will now be the grand prize for Dalicious. A big thank you to Pullipstyle for being so generous and also to JPGroove for sending dolls to be used as prizes as well. I definitely expect everyone to bring their a-game to the contest now!
      Grand prize for dalicious donated by Pullipstyle
    • Only a few days left to take advantage of the Pullipstyle summer discount code SUMMER20 good for $20 off a purchase of $250 or more.
    • Pullip.net recently made a post about MIO skintones and mentioned that at this time there are no plans to make more Taeyang or Isul MIO kits, no mention was made of Dal so maybe there is still hope for more Dal MIO kits in the future? I guess I should probably ever give up hope of seeing a Byul MIO kit. Makes me wonder if the rumors I heard of more MIO kits coming in October is true…
    • Groove featured some new promotional photos of the Rozen Maiden collaboration series by Tokyo Otaku Mode on their blog recently. I definitely need to see if I can scrape together my pennies to get Pullip Hina Ichigo preordered before she gets released in the US next month, the more photos I see of her the more I know I am doomed… plus I still need the new Pullip Kirakishou. So many dolls only so much paycheck and room >_<
    • I’m currently trying to raise funds to order a doll during Latidoll’s order period, the theme of this release is Steampunk Peter Pan. At first I thought I was safe and then I saw the tan Captain Hook Lea and well I was screwed as I have been waiting for the perfect light tan Lea to round out my Lea army and she is it. I was making pretty good progress towards her until I ordered Pullip Sailor Moon now I’m back down to like $102 out of the like $400 I need to order her.
    • I’m really falling behind on my reviews, Pullip Galene’s review is already mostly written so it should be posted up later tonight but I haven’t really photographed anyone else beyond like box shots recently. I’m unsure who will be reviewed after Galene it could be La Robe Vert Clair, Steampunk Aurora or Sailor Moon.
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1 Response to Pullip News Round Up! Preorders, Dalicious etc updates

  1. Jane Chérie says:

    That’s very generous of PullipStyle to donate Tokidoki Dal Vendettina!!! I am looking forward to your Pullip Galene review because of all the Pullip release, she is the only one that I really want. I looked up Lati Dolls and I am in love with the Peter Pan Steampunk collection! Way too expensive for my budget though. Lati Coco is a doll I always wanted and this Wendy model is perfect!!! However, I would have to stop buying the other dolls to afford her >_< There is never enough dolly dollars!

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