Twilight Destiny review and photos from TrueFan

“I love seeing you with your eyes closed. Even if those lips never open, I will love you forever!!”

Twilight Destiny, Snow White’s intended, is a handsome prince indeed. His hair is silky soft and falls in his eyes in a very appealing way. He has beautiful brown eyes. He has a lot of bottom eyelashes, which I like but some people may not. He has manly eyebrows and pale lips.


He arrives wearing all of his stock except his cape, so he is easy to debox. He has the usual kingly Taeyang shoes.


His cape actually hooks under his collar, and I like the way it drapes because of that. His outfit has lots of nice touches and a rich feel overall. The quality is high.


I give this Taeyang a 10 out of 10!





Twilight Destiny is one of the event dolls for the 2015 Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event.

– TrueFan

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