Various Pullip News Updates


  • Pullip Sailor Mercury is now available for preorder at Pullipstyle, she is priced at $135 and set for an October release alongside Pullips Hina Ichigo & Scarlet.
  • JPGroove has also opened up preorders for Pullip Sailor Mercury.
  • Speaking of JPGroove, there are now two new sections on their website Last Chance Dolls which are dolls close to being sold out as well as a new Dals under $100 section. If you are thinking about competing in Dalicious and haven’t chose your contestant yet, the Dal section might be worth a look.
  • Groove recently announced via their blog that they will be attending Doll Show 41 on September 15th in Tokyo. New and upcoming releases will be on display which is pretty standard for Doll Shows but Groove also mentioned something called Nono in their post. Further details are supposed to be announced about what exactly Nono is… is it a doll? if it is a doll will be a collab, a recolor or will it actually be something new and interesting?? I anxiously await further details.
  • Groove also recently announced via their blog that Pullip had made the cover of  Dolly Japan Volume 2 (pictured above). The cover features a stunningly gorgeous restyled Pullip Seila in a Momolita outfit, the photo is by Laura. The magazine features Pullips in Europe and has a report about the Pullip Convention in Spain as well as a write up about a French Pullip store . The magazine will be released on September 12th in Japan. I will definitely have to get my hands on the magazine once it gets released.
  • Speaking of magazines, Dolls Magazine recently featured a lovely article about the US Pullip Convention Puddle in their September issue…. I know this because I received a copy in the mail despite not having signed up for the magazine. I had intended on buying this issue anyway but I’m still left a bit puzzled as to where this one came from and how they got my address especially since very few people have my new address.
  • Pullip Galene will be the next doll reviewed here, I’m already mostly done with the photography aspect of the review just need a few more photos and to actually sit down and write. I have not decided who will be reviewed after Galene it’ll more than likely either be La Robe Vert Clair or Steampunk Aurora.
  • I’m exceptionally torn at the moment, I can not decide which doll I should actually buy next and it’s driving me mad. I’m trying to decide between Pullips Super Stella, Sailor Moon and Kirakishou. Oh and Latidoll is about to start a new event and there is a light tan Lea so there is that to contend with as well.
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1 Response to Various Pullip News Updates

  1. Daryn says:

    I’m pretty sure Dolls Magazine is the Borg overlord. I think I got one last year for no reason at all, and then this year as a IT club member I’m supposed to get the digital copy, but I couldn’t get it sorted out, and they’ve sent two print copies anyway. THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT US.

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