Rozen Maiden Pullip Suigintou

Back in late 2006 through 2008 Jun Planning collaborated with TBS to release a series of dolls based on characters from the Rozen Maiden anime series. Last year a new Rozen Maiden television series called Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen aired which was much more faithful to the original manga. The new tv series ushered in a new collaboration with Groove and a new series of Rozen Maiden Pullips. While the dolls are based on the same characters they look a little bit different this time around as they are much more faithful to the original manga design/design from the new tv series.

A new version of Rozen’s first doll Pullip Suigintou was released in May (June for in the US). The original Pullip Suigintou was released over seven years ago in January of 2007. The MSRP for the 2014 version of Suigintou is 16000 yen. I purchased my Pullip Suigintou from Pullipstyle, come to think of it I bought my original Pullip Suigintou from them as well way back in the day.

SuigintouLet’s begin the Alice Game….Feel Like So.

Suigintou in the box
Suigintou Suigintou Suigintou

Suigintou comes with a card, a stand, a headdress, choker, wings, shirt, skirt, over-skirt, bloomers, boots and winding spring. The quality of Suigintou’s stock is pretty nice, the wings just hook on the back of her outfit and appear to be made with real feathers. The only thing I consistently don’t really care for about the new series of Rozen Maiden Pullip series is that they lack the accessories that the originals came with. The original Suigintou came with a sword, she had a MSRP of 12000 yen the new one has a MSRP of 16000 yen that’s almost a $40 increase and while the quality of the stock/wigs has generally been higher than that of the original series I am still disappointed by the lack of accessories.

Wig quality is surprisingly nice, the original Suigintou’s left a lot to be desired so my expectation was kind of low but it really was high quality, very silky and soft wig.
SuigintouI love Suigintou’s eye make up, I just love everything about it. They are just wonderfully detailed and I love the little touches of grey. I’m not a fan of the lips, the color doesn’t really appeal to me then the downward lines in the corners of her mouth just don’t quite look right to me it’s a shame because I absolutely love the rest of her face up even her eyebrows. Her eyechips are a shade of dark red, I kind of preferred the purple eye chips from the original but I know these are more accurate to the manga series.
Face up comparison between the new Suigintou and the original Suigintou. The face up on the original has very stylized eye make up, the new girl’s eye make up is much more detailed. I have to admit I kind of like the new Suigintou’s eye make up a bit more. Both of the dolls are really pretty and there are things I like about each of them (I prefer the lips on the original) so I’m not sure I could choose a favorite.
SuigintouSuigintou is beautiful but she is also quite viscous and the most ambitious of all of the Rozen Maidens.
Suigintou is the only doll made by Rozen that has wings, she uses them to her benefit during the Alice game. On the Pullip Suigintou’s wings are on a bobby pin like device for lack of a better term that threads through the back of her dress, the original’s wings had snaps that it attached to the back of her dress.
If Suigintou was preordered from TBS shop before a certain date, a black feather was included as a bonus item.
This version of Suigintou looks like all the color has been drained out of her. All the purple touches of the original Pullip’s outfit were something added from the original anime tv series. I understand it is now more technically accurate but I must admit to missing the splash of color.
Suigintou & Shinku Suigintou with Shinku, Suigintou harbors a deep grudge towards Shinku so I don’t  ever see them being this friendly together again.
More pictures of the beautiful new Pullip Suigintou are available on my flickr.
Keikujyaku, Shinku & Suigintou
Pullip Suigintou is currently out of stock at Pullipstyle but should be restocking soon and is currently available via JPGroove. Pullips Shinku and Keikujyaku are currently available via Pullipstyle. The latest release in the new Rozen Maiden series Kirakishou is due out at the end of the month and is currently available for preorder. I had been hoping to get her preordered myself but it’s going to have to wait for right now, I’ve had a lot of expenses pop up all at once recently so it’ll be a month or so before I get any new dolls luckily I have a hell of a backlog to work through and Penny the traveling Yeolume visiting me this month to keep me busy…. maybe I’ll even ::gasp:: writing about something other than Pullips for once like the Prism Illya MDD who has been sitting here unopened for a few months ^^;

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2 Responses to Rozen Maiden Pullip Suigintou

  1. amelia says:

    As someone who is very into the Gothic subculture I have to say she certainly gets my attention! 🙂
    Hopefully I can have her one day but I’m saving up for pullip snow white for now:)

    • kleintoys says:

      Even if you aren’t into Rozen Maiden she definitely make for a pretty solid release! I hope you are able to get her soon.

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