September Pullip Releases Announced Pullips Scarlet & Rozen Maiden Hina Ichigo

Groove announced two new Pullips slated for release in September via their blog early this morning.  Pullip Hina Ichigo is a continuation of the newer Rozen Maiden collaboration series which started earlier this year with the release of Pullips Shinku and Keikujyaku and continued with the subsequent releases of Suigintou and Kirakishou. This is the second time that Hina Ichigo has been released in doll form by Groove, in the previous collaboration series she was released as a Dal rather than a Pullip. While Dal’s diminutive stature suited Hina Ichigo’s character, her sour expression did not as it seemed like the only time Hina Ichigo wasn’t smiling in the original anime series was after Suiseiseki stole her strawberry daifuku! Pullip Scarlet on the other hand is not a collaboration but an original design, she is a bold contrast of red, black and white.  She looks quite dramatic compared to the super sweet Pullip Hina Ichigo.

The Releases: Pullips Hina Ichigo & Scarlet
P125_A4 P125_A4

Pullip Hina Ichigo
Pullip Hina Ichigo has a MSRP of 16000 yen. She comes with a wind-up key.  I think the outfit is a nice balance between fitting Hina as a character without being too childish. Her outfit looks great, even if you aren’t interested in Rozen Maiden she would make a great super sweet lolita doll. Her shoes are adorable.
P140_tantai_w_02I normally tend to dislike curls but her golden curls are so precious! I love her cheerful expression, the face up is done really nicely too. The eye make up looks really nice with lots of detailing and I love her lips, they are the perfect shade of pink.
P140_tantai_w_09Pullip can be a bit childish too sometimes!
Pullip Hina Ichigo
Preorders have already opened at the new Animaru (the new official shop for TBS) for Pullip Hina Ichigo. This is not a cause for panic, TBS is the official Rozen Maiden shop preorders for all of the dolls in the new Rozen Maiden collaboration series started there before being opened up more publicly. If you preorder from Animaru you get the strawberry cushion pictured above as preorder bonus item.
Hina Ichigo is my favorite Rozen Maiden character, even though she is extremely childish or maybe because she is extremely childish. It’s funny to look back for me as I had wanted so very badly for the original Dal Hina Ichigo as my first Pullip family doll, I had strongly hinted that I wanted her for my birthday way back in 2007. Mr. Klein didn’t think Dal suited the character though so I got Pullip Shinku for my birthday instead and Dal Hina Ichigo ended up being the fourth member of my Pullip family instead of my first (Shinku, Suiseiseki, Suigintou then Hina Ichigo).

Honestly, I’m not entirely surprised that Hina Ichigo is a Pullip this around. Although I do feel like Pullip’s happy facial expression better suits the character, Dal releases have become so few and far between from Groove recently it would have almost been a shock if they had released her as a Dal when the original Dal is still available from sale from Pullipstyle almost eight years after release.
Pullip Hina Ichigo & Shinku
Pullip Shinku with Pullip Hina Ichigo, they make quite the darling pair! With Hina Ichigo’s release it suddenly seems a lot more likely that twins Suiseiseki and Souseiseki as well as Kanaria will get a release in this new series.

Pullip Scarlet
Pullip Scarlet
Pullip Scarlet has a MSRP of 15000 yen, she is not a collaboration so I am left wondering why she has such a high MSRP. I am very happy to see more original releases from Groove as most of the releases this year have either been rereleases of previous dolls in exciting new color palettes or collaborations. Compared to Hina Ichigo she has much more of a mature theme with a bold palette of black and white with splashes of red. I can not exactly say why but she strikes me as more of a J-doll design than as a Pullip design, maybe she started off as a J-doll design?
Pullip Scarlet
She has a very dramatic face up though it seems like I’ve seen it before, her lips remind of Mir’s and I feel like I’ve seen the eye make up before as well though I can’t recall on whom. It’s a nice face up it just doesn’t strike me as a memorable face up.
I’m very curious what that wig will really be like.
She has pretty red eyelids!

VERDICT I love Hina Ichigo’s character so much that I already own a custom Pullip Hina Ichigo, hell my username on the various Pullip forums is Hina Ichigo. I absolutely love this release and don’t have a single complaint about her other than it’s going to be hell waiting until at least September to get her.

Scarlet looks like a solid release, she didn’t really leave me with much of an impression I’m not sure if it because Hina Ichigo eclipses everything else for me or she just doesn’t stand out for me. I think, I will need to see more pictures of her to make a decision.

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18 Responses to September Pullip Releases Announced Pullips Scarlet & Rozen Maiden Hina Ichigo

  1. amelia says:

    I love hina ichigos hair and face up so much! To bad I was only aloud to have one doll instead

    • kleintoys says:

      Groove definitely did a wonderful job with her, maybe some day she will be able to join your doll family.

  2. Alejandra says:

    Scarlet at first glance reminded me of Pere Noel with just a little more color.

    • kleintoys says:

      The shape of the eye make up reminds me of SDCC catwoman a bit, they’ve used a similar motif a few times. Scarlet would probably look lovely paired with Pere Noel.

  3. Tessa says:

    Pullip Scarlet is not really a favorite with me this year, but maybe if she had black hair instead of white hair I could fall in love with her :\ . But I love the design of Hina Ichigo, Pullips face suits her more than being a grumpy Dal.

    • kleintoys says:

      I think Scarlet would have benefited from a different wig, I would have loved to have seen her in bright red ringlets. The new Hina Ichigo is darling and fits the character so much better than dal!

  4. Mickie says:

    I be believe the eye makeup is from lunatic queen on Scarlett

    • kleintoys says:

      Groove has reused this eye make up motif a few times now, it’s not bad eye make up but it gets boring if they keep doing the same thing which I now is probably getting harder and harder as more dolls get released but Hina Ichigo manages to remain unique face up-wise even though she is the second doll of the character released.

  5. Daryn says:

    I love Scarlet’s wig and outfit, but the eyebrows make her look a little mean. I prefer the super innocent Pullips.

    • kleintoys says:

      I think Groove used all the sweet and innocent this month on Pullip Hina Ichigo. Scarlet’s wig and outfit and nice, I just wished the doll itself stood out a bit more.

      • Daryn says:

        sadly, the Hina Ichigo wig and face do nothing for me. That’s alright, I already have more Pullips on the wishlist that I can afford. And I have to say, Pullip dolls are staying consistently pretty throughout the years (unlike other fashion dolls I collect where the quality and designs seem to have petered out). I can’t think of any other manufacturer who has used ONE facial mold with so many different looks and can still stay fresh and creative.

      • Daryn says:

        and of course after watching Rozen Maiden and reading the first series of manga, I have to have Hina now.

  6. Ahh, so much better now that Hinaichigo is a Pullip, and HAPPY. Man, I don’t have anything against Dal (or maybe I do…), but she looks like a sour puss. Excellent choice, Groove!

    • kleintoys says:

      I love Dal but I didn’t feel like she was the best match for the super bubbly Hina Ichigo, the Pullip looks great she just got announced yesterday and I’m already counting down the days until her release.

  7. shirubanina says:

    I’m really happy to see an original release from Groove, as well!
    I was pretty disappointed with all these remakes, it seemed they got out of crativity…
    Although I loved Hina Ichigo, I think Scarlet caught my heart… Somehow, these red splashes took her out of the ordinary.

  8. Mimi says:

    YES!!!! I LOVE HINA!!! I came on this site and I was like hmm maybe a new hina ichigo and yers!!! She’s so so sweet!!

  9. Mimi says:

    I wish I didn’t just blow all my savings on a BJD…. Maybe I’ll get her for my birthday? I’ve kinda stopped collecting pullips, but I definitely need this one XD

  10. Choco says:

    Hina Ichigo looks really cute! I do agree with Scarlet’s design being J-Doll like. I think one of the J-Doll releases actually had her colour scheme and stripes on her outfit, so I guess she reminds me of that.

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