Pullip Hino

I recently purchased Pullip Hino from Pullipstyle, I had been thinking about getting her for a while after seeing some truly lovely owner photos of her so when I saw her in the dentbox section I was powerless to resist.

Decorate with whatever I live however I like….Feel Like So

Last year, Groove had a We♥Pullip exhibit at Shibuya PARKO as part of the festivities they had a special Student Challenge Cup competition that was open to design students. The winner of the design challenge was Hitomi Sato of hitomaterial  (you can see all of the entries extraordinary releases page here). The winning design is pictured below.

Pullip Hino is a collaboration with Hitomi Sato. She was released in November of 2013 and has a MSRP of 15000 yen.

Hino in the box

As I mentioned before I had bought Hino from the dentbox section of Pullipstyle, I honestly didn’t notice anything wrong with her box maybe I was just so focused on Hino I didn’t notice anything wrong?  Perhaps I was blinded by her beauty.

Hino’s wig has some elaborate braids and it has curls, I’m always terrified I’m going to mess up curls as no matter how careful I am it always seems like I somehow manage to ruin them. The wig is nice enough but way too fussy for my personal taste.
Hino’s stock includes: bustier, one-piece dress, tights, shoes, necklace and head dress. She of course comes with a card and a stand (kind of a pearly white) as well. The quality of her stock is really nice, I was honestly surprised by how nice it was especially the blue dress. I wish that the dress had not been so hidden away in all of the promo photos. The bustier is well-made though I’m not fond of the colors (I’m not overly fond of brown and blue together).
Hino Face Up
I absolutely love her face up, I think she reminds just a little bit of Pullip Hello Kitty with all the pink tones in her face up coupled with her soulful brown eyes. I’m in love with all the pink tones used in her face up. She has the slightest little bit of blushing on her chin. I love the shape of her eyebrows and I love orange, not so fond of her orange eyebrows though they are my one complaint.
The detailing on Hino’s stock is really amazing, I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to make such a pristine little bustier for such a small doll.
Hino is a very sweet doll but well she isn’t quite my style, I knew before I bought her that I would be getting rid of her stock. Then her wig looked a bit too formal and fussy for my taste so I decided to change that as well. Now well, she is a whole new girl…
It is my pleasure to introduce you to Ashlynne.
Ashlynne is wearing what I believe is a Leekeworld wig as well as the Make It Own Happiness Chiffon Dress Set. I believe this style suits her much better than her stock look and really brings out her potential. I love that the dress from this set is almost the same soft shade of pink as her lips.
More pictures of the lovely Ashlynne are available on my flickr. Pullip Hino is available for purchase via Pullipstyle link for $127.95, the Make It Own Happiness Chiffon Dress Set is also available via Pullipstyle link for $32.95 .

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3 Responses to Pullip Hino

  1. Bea Jai says:

    She does look like Hello Kitty, and quite a beauty modified.
    Thanks for the review n.n

  2. Daryn says:

    I love her stock wig, but the dress is sort of Renaissance Faire meets square dancing, so I wouldn’t keep it. She’s on my ‘maybe eventually’ list. She looks great the way you restyled her.

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