Revolutionary Girl Utena- Utena figure

I figured it was just about time for an interlude or a moment of respite where I do not focus on dolls here as I couldn’t remember the last time I wrote about something other than a Pullip here. Revolutionary Girl Utena is one of my favorite older anime series, I consider it to be almost criminal that there was barely ever any merchandise from it during it’s original run. It’s still kind of feels funny to me to think of Utena as an older anime series now, I still remember eagerly waiting for the fansub tapes to arrive at my local comic book store. Last year a glorious 1/3 Azone doll of Utena was released, I was kind of halfheartedly browsing Yahoo Japan recently searching for her when I spotted this lovely figure by Sega Prize.

The Utena figure was released late May, it’s a Sega Prize so it has a MSRP of a mere 1800 yen. There is another figure of Utena this time by Megahouse forthcoming (details here), I was initially very excited about it as it was Utena but something about it made me hold off on preordering her. I think I will wait for owner photos to make a decision about her especially since I am very satisfied with the Sega Prize.

To me, Revolutionary Girl Utena always seemed to have a really stylized character designs and Sega Prize has definitely managed to recreate it very faithfully. The silhouette is a perfect recreation of the original character design.
Any flaws she has are pretty minimal, she has the slightest paint flaw in her shorts but that was it otherwise the painting is all pretty crisp.
I’m really surprised how well Sega Prize managed to pull this figure off, for a prize figure her quality is amazing. I honestly probably would have never guessed she was prize figure off.

Verdict: Best $20 I spent on something anime related in quite some time! Very happy with this figure especially for the price, I definitely recommend this figure if you are a fan of Revolutionary Girl Utena. I hope Sega Prize eventually makes more figures from Utena, though my favorite character Nanami probably only has a snowball’s chance in hell of ever getting made.

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