Pullip Sailor Moon is not a Bandai Exclusive

Because I’ve received far too many emails/direct message/private messages about this mostly from normally non-doll people Pullip Sailor Moon will be getting a US release (if this is your first time hearing about Sailor Moon please read this post). Please do not despair and give in to the eBay prices as she is not a Bandai shop exclusive. While Bandai shop does have the right of first preorder she is not exclusive to them, the only thing that is exclusive is a small Luna plush (it’s cute but is it worth that much to you?).
The US traditionally doesn’t open preorders for Pullips until a few weeks later so please be patient JPGroove will be making an announcement about her potential release in the US on or around June 10th. I will post here as soon as more details become available. Trust me if there is one thing I know, it’s Pullips you can rely on me.

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