Waiting in the Summer Takatsuki Ichika Nendoroid

It’s not all about dolls here though lately it may seem that way. I felt like photographing something not doll related for once unfortunately I’m still far from home so my choices were kind of limited, fortunately I bought the Takatsuki Ichika nendoroid for Mr. Klein for Christmas and she still happened to be here.

Ichika is from the anime Ano Natsu de Matteru. The anime aired in early 2012 and has since been licensed for distribution here in the states by  Sentai Filmworks and has since been released under the title Waiting in the Summer. I admittedly haven’t watched much of the anime series myself but it is one of Mr. Klein’s newer favorite shows as it reminds him so much of his favorite anime Onegai Teacher!.

Takatsuki Ichika
I just love Ichika’s facial expressions, this dismayed one is by far my favorite.
Takatsuki Ichika
Ichika searching for her little alien companion Rinon.
Takatsuki Ichika
Ichika with her cute little puppet of herself and Kaito, it is worth noting that though there was never a nendoroid of Kaito to go with Ichika there is a nendoroid release of her friend Kanna.
Takatsuki Ichika
Ta-ta for now!

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