Pullips Vanessa, Shinku 2014 & Sparrow up for preorder & other updates

Pullipstyle opened preorders for the March Pullip releases earlier today, the dolls won’t actually be available in the states until April because dolly mass transit apparently takes time. I was starting to get worried about whether or not the winner of the design a Rozen Maiden contest Sparrow/Keikujyaku would be offered in the US so I was quite relieved to see her up for preorder with the others today. Clicking on the photos below will take you to their respective pages on Pullipstyle *.
P124_01 Shinki Pullip Keikujyaku
Pullip Vanessa is priced at $120, I’ll be passing on her as she just doesn’t appeal to me at all. Pullips Shinku and Sparrow/Keikujyaku are priced at $132.95, I want both of them very badly. Shinku in particular holds a special place in my heart as she was my first Pullip seven years ago on my birthday and is what got me into the hobby. The new Shinku  practically comes out on my birthday, I definitely wouldn’t mind getting her as a belated birthday present. Sparrow is also very high on my wishlist, I’m curious to see what she will look like with all of my other Rozen Maiden dolls.

* I honestly don’t get any referrers or any sort of benefit for linking to Pullipstyle I just feel they are really trustworthy sellers and it’s where I buy the bulk of my Pullips so I feel very safe/comfortable recommending them. I’ve been very honest on the few occasions where I have been sent stuff to review whether it be as a loan or for keeps from PS/JPGroove.

Other updates:
Incoming Dolls- I ordered Pullips Varele and Tokidoki Lunarosa from Pullipstyle on Monday, they will be here on Tuesday. I really need to kick it in gear and get Canele blogged before her sister release Varele arrives. I’m also planning on finally ordering myself a Pang-ju later tonight I ordered Pang-ju Cranberry-pang as I’ve been curious about Pangs for a while (also DoColla Miku). In retrospect I should have ordered her with Varele and Lunarosa but I was already numb from spending $270+ on the pair. I’ve still got a hell of a backlog of dolls to blog .

Site Updates- I’ve been working on updating things like the Pullip FAQ and other pages as I get time, I’ve also started work on an Ai Doll FAQ because I couldn’t find much information about them so I figured I would share what I could. I’m really putting a lot of effort into making this as an all inclusive Groove resource as I can but at the same time I also don’t want to write just about dolls. This site was made so I could blog about my various toys so I’m really going to try and commit to doing at least two blog posts a week one on Pullips and one on well something else.. what will be the something else? It could be Legos, Batman toys, anime figures, My Little Pony I collect a lot of different toys.

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2 Responses to Pullips Vanessa, Shinku 2014 & Sparrow up for preorder & other updates

  1. h3artmare91 says:

    That is such a relief to hear <,D And now I wait for payday to come xD

    • kleintoys says:

      I was so worried about not being able to get her. I’m stuck waiting on my next paycheck too as I just blew my money on other dolls >_<

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