Various Pullip News tidbits

      • A single photo of the Sailor Moon prototype has been sailing about the internet for a few days now, the picture was taken at the Spring 2014 International Gift. Photo Source: rxsxhxc
        I’ll have to wait for promotional photos for a final verdict but the doll itself looks pretty cute, the costume isn’t bad I’d prefer it not be made of plastic-y material but I can live with it…. the wig is unfortunate though.
      • Pullip Vanessa was officially announced on Groove’s blog early this morning you can read the official entry here or my initial thoughts on her here, it is worth noting that Groove has officially said that her fur stole is fake fur.
      • In the same blog post, Groove also gave out a little bit more information on the new Rozen Maiden Pullips Shinku and Sparrow . Sparrow and Shinku have already started going up for preorder at a variety of Japanese online shops so my fears of Sparrow possibly being a TBS shop exclusive like Kirakishou before her have been assuaged it seems almost certain that Pullipstyle will be able to offer the pair eventually. I have emailed GrooveUSA to ask for certain if the dolls will be offered in the US but I have yet to receive a reply.
      • Groove released some additional photos of Vocaloid Pullip Sakura Miku, the new photos look great but now I’m really curious about her dark a shade of pink her hair will be as it seems to vary a bit from photo to photo, it can really be noticed when you look at the gallery with all of her pictures on Groove’s facebook here

Every new photo I see of her just makes me want her more, I didn’t even think that was possible.

    • I’m seriously starting to get worried about the future of Dal. There has not been an announcement for a new release since Creator’s Label Heiwa who came out in November. I guess there is still time they could still announce one for March hopefully, four months is a long time to wait in between Dal releases though 😦
    • Tokidoki Pullip Lunarosa is now in stock on Pullipstyle…. very tempting.
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8 Responses to Various Pullip News tidbits

  1. Jane Cherie says:

    I much prefer Dal to Pullip so this is very worrisome to not see any future Dal release! I wished they could make some collaboration with a Dal doll instead of a Pullip doll! Sailor Moon’s hair looks like a big ball of yarn!

    • kleintoys says:

      I Love both Pullip and Dal but am very upset not to see a Dal release in so long. I’m hoping Sailor Moon is an early prototype and they sort the wig issue out, I look forward to further news on her at least.

  2. h3artmare91 says:

    Wow…Sakura Miku is indeed tempting to preorder…and Sparrow…Now I want her bad Darn TT o TT
    But yeah, hopefully the official announcement for the Sailor Moon collaboration does have some Dals included. I can see Chibi Moon and Chibi Chibi as Dals personally~

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m definitely looking forward to Sakura Miku and Sparrow.

      I think whether or not there will be more than one doll in the Sailor Moon line depends on how well the Sailor Moon Pullip sells. I’m personally hoping we at least get the inner scouts and Chibi Moon.

  3. kewpie83 says:

    I’m holding judgment on the Sailor Moon Pullip, too. I agree with you on the wig!

    • kleintoys says:

      The wig is quite worrisome but I anxiously await further announcements/news on her hopefully they can sort the wig out.

  4. hey… my birthday is coming up, cant decide which vocaloid to ask for ;; can you give me some guidance? (i already own normal miku) i wish they would make gumi…

    • kleintoys says:

      Personally I’d probably go for Pullip Meiko as she is really lovely but it comes down to who your favorite character/doll is. I will say the Vocaloid Dals have been popping cheap secondhand pretty frequently.

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