Pullip Vanessa Announced

Pullip Vanessa still hasn’t officially been announced on Groove’s blog yet but she is already starting to pop up for preorder at site’s like Hobbysearch and she does have a product page on Groove’s new website.

Vanessa is scheduled to be released in March of this year. She has a MSRP of 15000 yen which seems to be the new price for non-collaboration standard releases ugh. P124_04
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The stock dress is kind of nice but it is scandalously short, I’m really not a prude but the dress could have been a little bit longer. The dress at that length coupled with the fur stole just isn’t something that appeals to me. The purse looks to be nice quality.

A word of caution, the fur stole may actually contain real fur some of Groove’s dolls in the past have contained real fur/other animal products like feathers. I don’t wish to start a debate on the fur issue, I just want people to be aware in case that sort of thing bothers them.
I do like the eyebrows, eye chips and lips. I do not like the eye make up, I love green but the green glitter on her eye make up just looks extremely tacky to me. She would look so much better without the glitter. The design of the eye make up sans the green glitter looks pretty familiar, it definitely looks like something we’ve seen before though I can’t quite recall who.

If the wig looks that bad in the promo pictures, how bad is it going to be in real life? I don’t think the wig suits her all that well, if I was going to get her I would definitely rewig her I think she would look amazing with a short black bob.
I’m passing on this release personally, I don’t really care for her that much and there are lot of other dolls I would prefer over her plus that price isn’t helping.

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2 Responses to Pullip Vanessa Announced

  1. Jane Cherie says:

    Here eyes are beautiful and I agree with you that she would look great with a short black bob. The dress is way too short! I like the hair but only for dolls on display. I can’t “play” with dolls which such hair though.

    • kleintoys says:

      I love her eyes, if she was cheaper or I eventually find a deal/steal on her I’d get her and rewig her but at that price I’m not tempted. I think Groove was trying to save money on fabric with that dress :XD . I try to avoid the curly haired dolls as much as possible as curls and I just don’t seem to get along.

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