Sailor Moon Pullip?

Nothing has officially been announced yet by Groove but on the official Sailor Moon webpage there was a post about an upcoming collaboration with Groove and a forthcoming Pullip release. The doll (or dolls) are supposed to be on display later this week at the International Gift Show Spring 2014. As soon as pictures surface or more information becomes available I’ll be sure to update. The 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon has ushered in an upcoming new tv series and waves of new merchandise. I’ve always dreamed of a Sailor Moon Pullip being released some day as it was one of my favorite anime growing up (anyone else remember fansubbed tapes?).
Sailor Moon Figuarts
Bandai Figuarts Sailor Moon
It is unknown at this point if just the titular Sailor Moon will be released as a Pullip or if Groove will release multiple characters, one thing is for sure though if they do release more characters Groove sure has a lot of characters to choose from.

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10 Responses to Sailor Moon Pullip?

  1. h3artmare91 says:

    This would be an incredible dream come true for us All~ @ w @

    • kleintoys says:

      I’ve been dying for a Sailor Moon Pullip for years so it will be interesting to see what the end result looks like.

    • kleintoys says:

      Thank you, I’ve actually seen that picture already but have yet to find the source of it and I don’t want to use an image I don’t know the source of especially since it looks like someone random’s photo versus a promotional photo.

    • kleintoys says:

      Sorry it was not my intention to offend you, I’ve seen the picture pop up in a few places now and no one ever seems to know the source of it, they just post it. I looked quick at your blog post and didn’t notice that someone’s instagram was cited.

  2. ada says:

    People are afraid of giving credit like it’s a disease! Lol. But I think it’s the fair thing to do.

    • kleintoys says:

      It was frustrating as I had like eight people email me photos of her over the weekend like ZOMG SAILOR MOON PULLIP and not a one of them mentioned the source, when I asked most were like I don’t know someone posted it on a forum somewhere >_<

  3. reitana says:

    I’ve already seen this doll up on ebay several times. But for some reason she costs almost as much as the old shinku. Also can’t seem to find sailor moon on pullip style. It makes me wonder if pullip style is even releasing sailor moon.

    • kleintoys says:

      This is an old post back when Sailor Moon was still kind of a rumor, PS said they are hoping to list her on Wednesday (I will post as soon as she becomes available in the US) they had hoped to make an earlier announcement but hammering out the rights etc took longer than anticipated.

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