New Rozen Maiden Pullips Announced

Groove announced two new Rozen Maiden Pullips via their blog today. A new version of Pullip Shinku as well as Sparrow who was the winner of Baby the Star Shine Bright’s design a new Rozen Maiden doll contest (BtSSB contest announcement can be seen here , Groove’s announcement seems to have been on their old blog as I can’t seem to find it now ^^; ).
P117_120_140131_03w (1)

Scans from the Gothic & Lolita Bible issue where the winner was revealed
Very cute illustration of Shinku and the winning doll design by Peach Pitt the original creators of Rozen Maiden.
Apparently there will also be a human sized version of Sparrow’s outfit released by Baby the Stars Shine Bright as well.

Groove’s blog entry almost seemed to be implying that the dolls would be a TBS shop exclusive which filled my heart with dread as there has only been one other TBS shop exclusive who coincidentally was also a Rozen Maiden Kirakishou. Thankfully reading of the translated doll’s listings on the site (Shinku’s listing & Sparrow’s listing) it seems that only the bonus Jun Plush is exclusive to TBS shop. All the doll promo shots are from the TBS Shop listings.
Which while the Jun plush is adorable, I can live without it.

Both dolls have a MSRP of 16,800 yen, as of right now they are only listed for sale at TBS shop but it is my hope they will be more widely available.
Shinku was my first Pullip way back in March of 2007, I love Rozen Maiden so it is what got me into Pullips so of course I’m excited about a new Shinku. I love the original version of Shinku but this one looks even more refined than the original release. This will be a great chance to get a Shinku for everyone that missed out on the previous one plus she’s different enough for fans of the show to still want one even if they have the original.
The colors in the photo look a bit off but it looks like Shinku has a lot more color in her lips this time around, I love her eyes they remind me of the animetic eyes that they use in Dollfie Dreams.
The details all look pretty great.
Sparrow is the contest winner of the design a Rozen Maiden contest. She is not in the manga and/or anime series that I am aware of. I was kind of hoping that the winner would be an orange themed girl but Sparrow is very sweet.
marshmallow soft and ribbon dance! Because I need even a teardrop!
The feeling …..

Sparrow has a very cute design, she is a little plain but there is a kind of beauty in her simplicity.

I’m hoping that better pictures of both dolls will surface soon, I will post as soon I find out more details about the pair and/or photos.

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14 Responses to New Rozen Maiden Pullips Announced

  1. h3artmare91 says:

    Oh my….I too hope Sparrow will become widely available too~
    She is soo darn adorable!!!~ x3

  2. TrueFan says:

    Sparrow isn’t very brown for a doll named Sparrow! The Rozen Maiden dolls also got me into Dal (and Pullip), so I imagine I’ll end up with Shinku if she’s not hard to find. I like her eyechips much better than the first Shinku.

    • kleintoys says:

      Kind of hilariously I had wanted a Hina Ichigo Dal as my first doll as she was my favorite character but my fiance at the time decided to get me Shinku instead because he didn’t feel Dal was happy enough to be Hina Ichigo.

      Shinku should be easy enough to find, the other doll may potentially be harder to find. I’m really curious as to what the losing designs looked like if this was the winner, she is cute but I expected to be really blown away by an awesome design.

      • reitana says:

        My first doll was dal hina ichigo because she was the cheapest, and because she was my favorite character too. I have recently purchased shinku for a late birthday present. But seeing as how the old one is very expensive i was only able to get a used one. But she’s still pretty though. I have seen the new shinku online for about $200 already. I would suggest buying her as soon as possible because if she is that price now when they still have shinku in stalk she will be hard to find in the future when she is sold out. And in my opinion i like the old shinku’s eye chips better to me they look more anime like and are very accurate to the anime. The new one how ever I can’t really see them being anime eyes.

  3. Kiki says:

    I’m a bit confused. Was the winner of the Rozen Maiden design contest Peach Pitt? Or did they just do another drawing of the original design?

    • kleintoys says:

      Peach Pitt is the creator of Rozen Maiden, they did an illustration of the winning design. I have yet to see the name of the winner announced anywhere in English or the original concept drawing.

      • Kiki says:

        Oh, I keep forgetting that Peach Pitt designed Rozen Maiden because I’m so used to watching Shugo Chara and the style is a bit different. Oops, my bad. XD Thanks for the info!

  4. Mimi says:

    I wish new Shinku was a little less innocent looking, I love the original shinku because she has that spunky look like ” I will smack you while you sleep XD ”
    Anyway I’ll probably end up getting her sooner or later.

    • kleintoys says:

      I agree Shinku should look slightly more sinister. I’m still quite happy with her and will be sure to pick her up as soon as she is released.

  5. Is there a listing of the human version of Sparrow’s?

  6. reitana says:

    If pullip style is re-releasing new rozen maiden dolls then my question is are they going to re-release all of the dolls? Also will they be re-releasing a new case for the rozen maidens? Because the old ones that were made back in 2007 are all sold out and very hard to come by and i would really like to have a place for shinku and hina to sleep in.

    • kleintoys says:

      Groove is the one who releases/makes the dolls all Pullipstyle does is sell the dolls. That is my question as well where does it end with the re-releasing of dolls, as long as the ones they release sell moderately well I think we will most likely see the twins at least. The Dals I consider to be much more iffy because they took so long to sell out.

      No idea about the case but I’ve had a lot of people ask me about it recently so maybe I’ll mention it next email.

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