Dal Heiwa

Dal Heiwa was released in November of last year, I received her as a bit of a belated Christmas present from Mr. Klein. Heiwa is part of the Creator’s Label series where Groove partners with different doll customizers from around the world to release a doll based on their creation. Poison Girl is a Spanish Pullip customizer who previously customized a Pullip for the “We ♥ (Love) Pullip 10th Anniversary Party” event.  Both dolls are named Heiwa and have very similar styles but as Groove stated on their blog “even if she uses the same dress and hairband, Dal will never be like Pullip BECAUSE They’re different dolls with a very different expression, style and design needs”.
This is only the second time that Groove has partnered with a customizer from overseas for a Creator’s Label release. It’s really nice to see different visions from around the world and see lots of customizers perspectives on Pullip (and Dal). Poison Girl definitely has a very unique and lovely vision.

Deerie Lu

Dal Heiwa in the box
IMG_0533 Heiwa IMG_0530

Dal Heiwa comes with the standard stand, a card, a dress, a cardigan, pannier, tights, leg warmers, shoes and of course her deer headband. I believe the deer headband is made of wood, I expected it to be flimsy but was surprised how nice it was. The overall quality on the stock is nice, there are a lot of really nice little details like the lace on her skirt plus her cardigan is simply too cute. I’m not wild about the beige color of the dress I would have preferred a pale pink or green but the design itself is nice.

Heiwa’s wig is really nice too, it’s very soft. The wig is pale pink with a layer underneath in a darker shade of pink .
Heiwa face up
Heiwa has one of the most unique Dal face ups, she really personifies Poison Girl’s style. Heiwa is a very blushy girl, they way she is blushed is not something normally seen on Pullips it is a popular style with BJDs. I was surprised how well the blushing suited Dal’s sculpt. I love the colors that were used for her face up, they complement each other nicely. The lips are done in a very different style with a little heart in the middle, while it’s certainly not something I would like to see on every doll I think it works for this particular doll very nicely.
It is worth noting that Heiwa has pale blue freckles on either side of her face, I actually think they are very cute but didn’t remember seeing them in the official Groove photos so I thought it was worth mentioning.
Deerie Lu
Heiwa is a special girl, she doesn’t feel like a stock doll to me she almost feels like an art piece with all of her delicate little flourishes.
Deerie Lu
I definitely recommend Heiwa to all Dal lovers out there as she is just too precious.
Deerie Lu
I named my Heiwa, Deerie Lu. As soon as the first promotional photos of Heiwa surfaced, I decided that I must have her and that she would be my Deerie Lu. It’s rare for me to have a name already picked out that far in advance, so it really speaks highly of her that I was that excited about her at promo time.
Deerie Lu
I ended up doing something a little bit different this time and decided to take Heiwa outside to play in the snow for photos, I can’t remember the last time I actually took doll photos outside. Some of the photos in this review are from today’s romp in the snow and some were taken a few weeks ago with my portable camera tent.
Deerie Lu
Some additional pictures of Dal Heiwa are up on my flickr and remember you can always get your own Dal Heiwa via Pullipstyle.
Deerie Lu

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4 Responses to Dal Heiwa

  1. Jane Cherie says:

    I think Dal Heiwa is gorgeous! I love her dress but mostly her cardigan. I am not too crazy about how her lips are painted but it does set her apart from other dolls for sure. I was wondering about the quality of her hair and outfit so thank you very much for your review! I am not really happy with Groove’s recent Dal issues but Heiwa is definitely on my TO HAVE list.

    • kleintoys says:

      I absolutely adore Heiwa, she is a very unique girl. The little pink cardigan is easily one of the best dal accessories ever. I haven’t been buying Dals as regularly as I used to (I think Classical Alice and Natalie are the only two newer releases I have) so I was unaware there were a lot of recent issues with Dals though owner photos did turn me off of Loa who I was initially very excited about.

  2. Bea Jai says:

    Lovely photos! n.n
    She’s very pink, but it suits her well (like how Tweety was really orange-y).
    I hope to get her soon, she may be my next dolly.

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks so much, pink definitely seems to be Groove’s favorite color lately. I definitely whole-heartedly recommend Heiwa.

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