Pullip Nella Retro Memory Version

I’m slowly trying to get back in the swing of things here, so I decided to post up a review I had started working on before my life kind of fell apart before I move on and focus on some of my newer acquisitions.

I actually have had the Retro Memory Version of Pullip Nella since early November but never got around to blogging her until now.  I bought my Retro Memory Nella from Pullipstyle.  Nella Retro Memory version is actually the second version of Pullip Nella released. The original version of Pullip Nella was released in December of 2011, a new recolored version of her called Retro Memory was released exactly one year later in December of 2012. Both versions of Pullip Nella are part of a collaboration between Groove and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright x Alice and the Pirates. Nella and her little brother Isul Johan‘s original designs were based on the cover illustration of an issue of Gothic Lolita Bible that was done by Mitsukazu Mihara. There were also human sized versions of the outfits produced by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright x Alice and the Pirates though they are long sold out now.

Unlike the original version of Nella who had a primarily black stock outfit, the new Retro Memory version has a sepia toned outfit with black and white accents.

Nella Retro Version
Stars across the sky cannot be reached by hand… Where do the falling stars fall to… Feel Like So.
Retro Nella is a bit more of a colorful girl, that much is for sure.

Retro Memory Nella in the box
Nella Retro Version Nella Retro Version Nella Retro Memory

 Nella’s stock is nice quality, the dress is a really cute design too but I think I preferred the original Nella’s black ensemble a bit better. I don’t feel like the stock matches the doll that well, if the stock had been a dusty rose versus the brown it would have divine on her. Maybe I’m just not a big fan of brown. The stock does have some detachable elements and there are some really nice pieces in it, thinking back I could have used pieces from her stock in a steampunk outfit but I actually traded it away shortly after receiving her. In addition to her stock outfit, besides the standard card/stand she came with a bag as well what Groove refers to as a celestial globe.

The wig seems to be of decent quality though I haven’t removed the braids as it’s one of those if I take it down, I know I personally would never be able to replicate the hairstyle so it’s staying up for now.
Nella Retro Memory Face upMy favorite part of her face up if her eyebrows, I love the sad little expression they seem to give her. The eye make up is nice though perhaps it seems a bit too dark compared to the rest of her face up. I love the striking contrast of her eyes, they are both so vibrant . Her lips are so pale they are almost nude, she does have a little bit of teeth showing.

Something of note, I neglected to get a side by side shot but Retro Memory’s face up is the same as the original‘s just done up in slightly different colors and both versions of Nella are super pale. I can’t help but feel slightly mislead by Groove’s photos of Retro Nella which seemed to show her having more of a healthy glow ie. not dead pale :/ .
Nella Retro Memory Version Retro Nella’s celestial globe is a pretty neat accessory, it’s nicely detailed though if do take care with it as the ribbons on it can easily get tangled up or caught on something if you aren’t careful.
Nella Retro Memory Version
Nella is a pretty girl even if she wasn’t quite what I expected.
Nella Retro VersionThe clock Nella wears is purely decorative rather than functional, it’s just printed on a piece of fabric.
Nella Retro Version
More pictures of Retro Nella are available on my flickr and remember if you want your own Pullip Nella whether you want the Retro Memory version or the original you can buy her at Pullipstyle!
Nella Retro Memory Version

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