Tokidoki Lunarosa now available for preorder at GrooveUSA/Pullipstyle!

Just dropping a quick note her that the new Tokidoki collaboration Pullip Lunarosa is now available for preorder via GrooveUSA here. In case you missed it I blogged her announcement here, she is a recolor of the previously released Tokidoki collab Pullip Luna.
As of this writing she is priced at $169.99 and is supposed to be in stock as of February 12th. It is worth noting per Groove’s description that her tattoos are indeed a sticker sheet like last time so you can have some choices on placement and/or decide to stick them on another body entirely if so inclined (obitsu or maybe one of your other dolls just want a sweet tattoo too).

No word on availability on Pullipstyle yet but if GrooveUSA is getting her, it seems extremely likely that PS will as well.

EDIT: Pullipstyle has also opened preorders for Lunarosa, her listing is here and she is $144. It is worth noting that Tokidoki Luna was priced the same via Pullipstyle at the time of her release.

Lunarosa is still kind of pricey but she is a lovely doll and combines two of my favorite things so we shall see.

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3 Responses to Tokidoki Lunarosa now available for preorder at GrooveUSA/Pullipstyle!

  1. h3artmare91 says:

    It looks like PullipStyle has her available for Pre-order on her website…she tweeted the update 2 hours ago x3

    Just figured I say something about her pre-order availability~ ^u^

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