Pullip Bloody Red Hood

Pullip Bloody Red Hood was released last month, she is a collaboration between Groove Inc and Mitsubachi@BabyBee x CrankyGel . I ordered her from Pullipstyle once they got their restocks in and she just arrived yesterday. I deboxed her today and took some photos.
267/365- Bloody Red Hood
Bloody Red Hood is actually the second Pullip based on Little Red Riding Hood, the original release aptly named Little Red Riding Hood came out way back in 2004.

Bloody Red Hood Bloody Red Hood Bloody Red Hood
I’m really impressed with the quality of her stock, the iconic red hood is especially well-made.
Bloody Red Hood
I really love her face up, her eye make up is especially nice. In the prototype pictures I was not so very fond of her lips but I love them in person.
I decided to name her Scarlet.

She has pretty lavender eyelids.
More pictures on my Flickr

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9 Responses to Pullip Bloody Red Hood

  1. Wasp says:

    Hello! She is so beautiful! Just a quick question: Do you think Pullip Romantic Alice will still be out past Christmas? Thanks!!

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks ❤ Unknown normally I'd say yes but Alice is extremely popular and dolls seem to be selling out a hell of a lot quicker than they used to so it's really hard to say.

  2. I LOVE HER! What a fabulous Pullip!! She’s extremely tempting!

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks, Pullip has been putting out some amazing releases lately unfortunately their price keeps spiking to reflect it >_<

  3. Ringo says:


    I’m going to be getting Bloody Red Hood in the mail this coming week, she’ll be my first pullip, and I was wondering two things- Is her wig of good quality? And also, is it hard to obitsu a pullip?

  4. Moriko says:

    Hey I have Bloody Red Hood and i want to give her an Obitsu. It’s my first Pullip and I’m not sure, which skin colour would fit her…
    I think white skin, what would you say?

    • kleintoys says:

      White skin 90% of Pullips will match white wkin, of the other 10% of the dolls some will match natural and others it’s pray nothing breaks as no body will match ^^;

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