January Isul, Byul & Pang-ju announced! Also more MIO (Make It Own) items announced!

Groove has finally announced the rest of January’s releases including Byul Fata, Isul Vermelho and Pang-ju Darjeeling as well as a whole ton of MIO (Make it Own) items. You can read all about the Pullips already announced for January here although I honestly feel like the Byul and Isul are far more interesting/exciting than the lolita Pullips .
B325_17 I928_21

Isul Vermelho
Isul Vermelho is a part of the Mansion of the Immortal series along with Pullip Wilhelmenia, Dal Lyla & Taeyang Valko. He has a MSRP of 16000 yen.
Night of the full moon, have sucked the blood from the neck in the dark, I ♡ I am feeling like that … and a vampire 
Groove really did a nice photo of this boy!
I quite like him, I could totally see him joining my crew  too as I think he would blend right in with my Vampire set from a few years ago (Pullip Elisabeth, Dal Ende, Taeyang Nosferatu & Byul Lilith). It seems  unlike the previous vampire set that was released that his teeth may be part of his face up rather than a removable element.  His stock looks really well done and the face up is nice (though potentially not too versatile if the teeth are in fact painted on) all in all, he’s a fantastic release.

Byul Fata
Byul Fata is a ballerina. She has a MSRP of 15000 yen.
To wear the toe shoes pink, and if you take a pause … Lovely B325_16
Isn’t she precious? I used to dance ballet for several years so the thought of such a sweet ballerina fills my heart with glee.  Her stock is really nice and I love her face up, I think it is one of the most flattering face ups that Groove has put on a Byul. My only minor gripe is I’m not a huge fan of her wig color, it looks like a nice wig I’m just not a fan of the color. I’m also very happy to see a Byul release as their releases have been few and far between lately and I was starting to fear the worst when I realized there was no Byul MIO kit. I’d love to get her eventually.

Pang-ju Darjeeling-pang
Pang-ju Darjeeling-pang is dressed like a Buckingham Palace guard. He has a MSRP of 10000 yen.

I feel like Groove should have released Darjeeling alongside Pullip Pulliphine IX and Taeyangfold VI. I’ve been looking at Pang-ju a lot more recently as they are quite cute and well this video is just about the most adorable thing ever.  He’s cute but even though I’m a lot more tempted by Pang-ju in general than ever before I think I have my heart set on Pome-Pang to match my Dal Sentimental Noon and Ai Doll Red Poppy.

MIO Make It Own is a series of items for the customization of Pullip.
MW007_1 MW007_2
Item- Wavy Brown Wig
MSRP- 2500 Yen
Doll used to model (if known)- Pullip Karen
MW009_1 MW009_2
Item- Medium Natural Black Wig
MSRP- 2500 yen
Doll used to model (if known)- Pullip Yuri
MW008_1 MW008_2
Item- Wavy Gray Wig
MSRP- 2500 yen
Doll used to model (if known)- Pullip Ally
MW010_1 MW010_2
Item- Medium Platinum Gold Wig
MSRP- 2500 yen
Doll used to model (if known)- Pullip Pere Noel

Verdict: I was quite pleased with the quality of the first batch of MIO wigs, so I would definitely consider buying more of them. Of these four, I can say I would definitely buy the Medium Platinum Gold wig as the color and style are really nice. I have at least a dozen dolls that Platinum Gold wig would look good on.  I’m somewhat tempted by the Wavy Gray Wig as I like the color and Medium Natural Black Wig because it’s a good versatile color/style though I’m not sure who I would put either wig on. I would be least likely to buy the Brown Waves wig as I already have quite a few brown haired dolls.

Outfit Sets
O820_2 O820_1
Item- Knit one-piece set Lilac Version
MSRP- 3800 yen
Doll used to model (if known)- Pullip Girl with a Pearl Earring

O819_2 O819_1
Item- Knit one-piece set Black Version
MSRP- 3800 yen
Doll used to model (if known)- Pullip Pere Noel

O822_2 O822_1
Item- Vest & Jeans set casual Version
MSRP- 3800 yen
Doll used to model (if known)- Pullip Karen

O821_2 O821_1
Item- Vest & Jeans set monotone
MSRP- 3800 yen
Doll used to model (if known)- Tete

Verdict: I almost feel like these sets are a little lazy ^^; The Knit-one piece sets are cute but they are not really fitted and seem kind of expensive (almost $40) for what they really are (baggy sweater & hat), I wish Groove had at least tossed a set of matching leggings in with the sets.  I prefer the black/white set over the lilac set.  On the one hand, it’s cool that the Vest & Jeans set are designed with both Pullip & Isul in mind on the other hand the vest doesn’t really fit either doll. I think the Vests & Jeans sets are great in theory especially the monotone version but I find myself wishing that the vests were more fitted.

Set 8: High Heels (Red) & Short Boots (Black)
MSRP: 1800 yen
Recommended Fit: Pullip/Dal/Isul

Set 9: High Heels (Blue) & Boots (Brown)
MSRP: 1800 yen
Recommended Fit: Pullip/Dal/Byul

Set 10: Engineer Boots (Dark Brown) & Loafers (Blue)
MSRP: 1800 yen
Recommended Fit: Pullip/Isul/Dal/Byul

Set 11: Tassel Shoe (Black) x Short Boots (Brown)
MSRP: 2100 yen
Recommended Fit: Taeyang

Verdict: For the most part these all appear to be more fun colored re-releases of the first four sets of MIO shoes. I quite like the first four sets of shoes so I’m not really complaining about them being rereleases especially since I like the color schemes on some of them a lot better this time around. I’m definitely buying  Set 8 as I love the colors this time around as well as set 11 as I like the colors better and they fit Taeyang great.

Eyes: The eyes all have a MSRP of 1400 yen per set of two pairs.
ME001 ME002
Set 1: Light Blue x Brown                 Set 2: Pink x Gray
ME003 ME004
Set 3: Orange x Green                         Set 4: Dark Purple x Green
ME005 ME006
Set 5: Turquoise x Chocolate Brown :  Set 6: Dark Red & Ash Brown
ME007 ME008
Set 7: Apricot & Light Green    Set 8: Aqua & Light Pink

Set 9: Lemon Yellow x Light Purple
Verdict: I have the first three sets already as Groove sent them to me in with my package of MIO items, at the time it was a bit curious as at that point I didn’t even know eyechips were going to be a part of the line. They fit Pullip really well, they are kind of pricey for eyechips in my opinion but if you like both pairs of eyes in a set it’s not too bad. I personally really like the Apricot and Light Green set so I see myself at least ordering that set.


I’ve got one more doll post in me before I go to bed then I am taking a break from all things Pullip over the weekend, expect some anime figure or maybe even some Dollfie Dream pictures over the weekend.

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2 Responses to January Isul, Byul & Pang-ju announced! Also more MIO (Make It Own) items announced!

  1. Bea Jai says:

    Byul Fata is such a darling ❤ And it's even in my birthday month so maybe? 🙂 Too many wonderful releases in such a short period of time, not that I'm complaining.

    • kleintoys says:

      I love Fata, I think she is the most interesting doll announced for January. I hope you are able to get her. The amount of releases these days very quickly becomes overwhelming at least it isn’t as bad as last year when they released like 18 dolls in December.

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