Nightmare Taeyang Ni-ya

Nightmare is a Japanese Visual Kei band. This past summer Groove  collaborated with them to make a set of dolls based on the band. The dolls: Four Taeyangs and a single Isul are all limited to 500 each and have a MSRP of 18000 yen each. Recently Pullipstyle was able to obtain a small quantity  of the Nightmare set and offered me the opportunity to borrow a few of the dolls for photos, they have since sold out of the Nightmare set but still have a small amount of Isul Yomi and Taeyang Ni-ya available.
I’ll be reviewing Taeyang Ni-ya today. Ni-ya is the bassist of Nightmare.


Ni-ya Ni-ya Ni-ya

Ni-ya in the box. Ni-ya’s stock consists of jacket, vest, pants, boots, two necklaces, gloves and a scarf/stole. He also came with the usual stand and card but I left those in the box. Like Isul Yomi, Taeyang Ni-ya was covered in stain preventing plastic from the neck down so immediately after I deboxed him I had to strip him naked and remove the plastic bits you can see at least.
Ni-ya Face Up
Another really dramatic face up, I’m in love! I especially love his eye make up/eyebrows they did a really amazing job with them. Ni-ya doesn’t have any piercings (facial or ears).
Ni-ya’s stock is nice quality, it’s well made and I didn’t have any issues with anything. The gloves which were my major issue were Yomi are not an issue, they seem to a lot more well made than Yomi’s were. I think part of the glove thing was that Taeyang hands are bigger whereas Isul have smaller hands so it’s probably easier to make thing better quality in the larger size.
Taeyang Ni-ya seems to be a pretty faithful adaption of Nightmare’s bassist. His outfit was based on a shoot Nightmare did for a magazine to promote their newest album and it’s a pretty faithful adaption and it’s definitely pretty detailed.
I absolutely love the detailing on his jacket.
Ni-ya is definitely a very handsome boy!
I think Ni-ya would have a lot of potential outside of his stock too, he looks like he could be pretty versatile and not just look good when dressed as Nightmare’s bassist.
Tons more pictures of Ni-ya on my flickr. Remember you can get your own Nightmare Isul Yomi or Taeyang Ni-ya at Pullipstyle.
Special thanks to Pullipstyle for loaning me Ni-ya and some of his bandmates!

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