Puella Magi Madoka Magica- Madoka Maiko Version Nendoroid

I love Madoka so of course, I could not resist buying a new version of the nendoroid when it came out. The Maiko version of the Madoka nendoroid was a Good Smile Company exclusive, available via their online shop or at their booth at various conventions (Anime Expo, NYCC, Japan Expo and CCG Expo). She was first released in July and with a MSRP of 3800 yen.

I’ve actually had mine since late August and had been meaning to share pictures of her here ever since but I keep getting sidetracked every time I came here to post about her I ended up posting about dolls instead ^^; .  It’s a pity I kept on getting a bit sidetracked as she is easily one of my favorite nendoroids.
The colors of her kimono don’t really seem like they would go together, but they actually balance out rather nicely. I absolutely love her hair accessories and her cheerful expression.
Couple of additional pictures of her in my Madoka set in flickr.

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