Byul Paradis

I love colorful dolls and I’m quite fond of Byul, so when Byul Paradis was announced she definitely caught my attention. Paradis is part of a collaboration with @Babybee.  Unfortunately with her being a collaboration, her price was a bit higher than standard so even though I really liked her she was kind of a low priority for me (especially because I don’t religiously collect Byul like I do Pullip) . I recently found a decent deal on Paradis and decided to indulge myself.
Feel Like So: This is a paradise full of mystery…I wonder music star is glittering show us what your dreams?

Paradis Paradis Paradis
Paradis comes with a truly impressive stock outfit, even if the style isn’t normally something that would be my taste I do have to say it is very richly detailed and nice quality. She also comes with a very cute bunny plush as well as an accordion.
Check out the beautiful detailing on the embroidery.
Paradis Face Up
I love Paradis’ colorful face up, I really like the color palette they went for on her too as isn’t something you would normally see on a doll from the Pullip line. I think she has one of the prettiest Byul face ups. Though her eye chips somewhat look like animal chips they are actually normal eye chips that are just painted to be more reflective than normal.
Paradis cuddling with her little bunny plush.
I decided to name her Eugenia as somehow it just seemed like a fitting name for a Byul.
Here she is with her accordion.
Paradis’ hair accessories are a tad oversized but they really do seem to work for her.
Some additional photos of Eugenia on my flickr.

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2 Responses to Byul Paradis

  1. Ahhh what a gorgeous doll! LOVE her colourful outfit! 😀

  2. Jane Chérie says:

    I love her face-up and outfit! I don’t own any Byul as I prefer Dal but this one is a real beauty!

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