Sword Art Online Kotobukiya Asuna Figure

Recently we re-watched Sword Art Online, I had been wanting to for a while but had been resisting for fear that I would cave in and finally hunt down the Asuna Dollfie Dream.  I really like the show a lot, it’s probably one of my favorite newer shows besides Madoka. Shockingly I didn’t have any figures/toys from it until somewhat recently, of course that had to be remedied.

My first Sword Art Online figure purchase was actually the Asuna figma which I still haven’t busted out for photos yet (I have a ridiculous stack of figmas/nendoroids that I haven’t deboxed/played with yet ^^;).  While I was hunting for the Asuna nendoroid (which I finally did find two days ago) I came across this lovely figure of Asuna by Kotobukiya.
This  Asuna figure was released in late May of this year, she is 1/8 scale and had a MSRP of 7800 yen. I actually bought mine at BigBadToyStore of all places, it’s still readily available at a lot of stores but I happened to have a pile of loot already amassed at BBTS that I was planning on having shipped anyway so, I figured why not toss her in the order too.

I was really drawn to this figure of Asuna in particular because I really loved her dynamic pose and the fact that even though she has such a dynamic pose she still looks quite graceful and elegant. I think this figure is a great representation of the character.
Asuna has a very nice face sculpt.
She is quite lovely from all angles. I was quite impressed with the level of detail in her armor. This figure is definitely one of the best figures I have ever seen done by Kotobukiya.
I think the thing that impressed me the most about this Asuna figure was the hair, I love how dynamically it is sculpted. It just perfectly captures a sense of movement and activity.
Some additional pictures of Asuna on my flickr, I promise to have pictures of the figma up soon as well as both the Asuna and Kirito nendoroids once they arrive.

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