Ever After High- Maddie Hatter

There was a very nice sale this past weekend at Justice, I wasn’t able to go myself due to various circumstances but my SO is a nice guy and was in the mall anyway. He popped his head in to see if they happened any of the Monster High dolls I needed (they did indeed have two) but they also had some strange new dolls he hadn’t seen before ie. Ever After High dolls so he asked if I might like one of those as well as the MH to which I said yes.
Ever After High Maddie Hatter
Justice actually had all four of the first wave of dolls, I chose Madeline Hatter because I love anything Alice in Wonderland related and she is the daughter of the Mad Hatter plus I have an admitted weakness for dolls of a slightly shorter stature (I’m quite short myself). The MSRP for Ever After Dolls at Justice is whopping $36 but thanks to the sale I paid only $17.28 plus tax.

Caution there is hardcore dolly nudity behind the cut!

Ever After High Maddie Hatter Ever After High Maddie Hatter Ever After High Maddie Hatter
Box photos/in box photos- Maddie’s box is designed to resemble a book. Like Monster High boxes there is a little illustration of the character on the back of the box plus all sorts of information about her. Apparently Maddie is a rebel along with Raven Queen while the other two dolls in the first wave Apple White and Briar Beauty are royals. Also like Monster High there are supposedly webisodes that can be seen on their website EverAfterHigh.com; I don’t have time for such things though so I can’t speak to their quality or content (I’ve never watched the MH webisodes either ^^;).
Ever After High Maddie Hatter Ever After High Maddie Hatter Ever After High Maddie Hatter
Maddie has two-tone hair purple/light blue. She also has teaspoon earrings to match her teapot purse. Unlike Monster High the first wave dolls all seem to have same face sculpt which would be okay I guess, if I liked the sculpt but it is quite round or moon-ish ^^;
Ever After High Maddie Hatter
Maddie comes with a stand, a brush and a teapot purse (with removable lid). Compared to the signature Monster High dolls they don’t come with much, they also came with a journal and a pet; personally I would have loved to have seen a Dormouse pet for Maddie Hatter. I do really like the design of the stand, it looks a lot nicer than the basic Monster High doll stands.
Ever After High Maddie Hatter
All the gory details- Maddie’s gloves are painted on, the frilly bit is essentially like a bracelet and is removable. She comes with a ring that does not like to stay on her two fingers >_<
Ever After High Maddie Hatter
I’m a little teapot purse!
Ever After High Maddie Hatter
I love the design of Maddie’s shoes.
Ever After High Maddie Hatter
The paint is kind of sloppy on the shoes. Quality control at Mattel can be kind of iffy but I don’t recall any paint issues with any of the shoes on any of the Monster High dolls I own.
Dressed Comparison between Equestria Girl Applejack doll, Monster High Howleen Doll, Ever After High Maddie Doll and a Monster High Lagoona.
Maddie is closest in size to Howleen, which shouldn’t be too surprising since both dolls are designed to be t shorter than the normal dolls in their respective line.
Nude comparison between Howleen, Maddie and Lagoona.
Nude comparison between Howleen and Maddie, I have to say I like Maddie’s more pear shaped body more than Howleen’s. Maddie’s body in general is a bit thicker than Howleen’s.
Ever After High Maddie Hatter
I’m probably not going to buy any additional Ever After High dolls as frankly I don’t have the space or desire to. I don’t like their face sculpt as much as Monster High and I prefer the monstrous theme more than the fairy tale angle… that being said if they another Alice themed doll I may pick one up and I may eventually get a second standard sized doll for comparisons sake as Maddie is so far the only doll with the shorter style body.
Some additional pictures on my flickr.

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11 Responses to Ever After High- Maddie Hatter

  1. Heather says:

    Yeah, I’m not loving their faces either. I much prefer the MH girls… plus, all 4 of the currently released Fairytale girls have the same face mold… I much prefer the diversity of the MH line.

    And… oooooo… which MH did you get??

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m just not as big into fairy tales as I am horror films/legends I guess ^^; I prefer the diversity of the MH girls with their fantasy skin-tones.

      I got 13 Wishes Lagoona and Ghoul’s Night Out Spectra (I think, I’ve brought home about a dozen MH dolls in the last week so I may be wrong).

  2. Cherie says:

    I don’t really like the Monster High Dolls but you got my attention with this cutie. I love Alice theme dolls too so it’s really hard to resist but after my recent addiction to Licca dolls, my wallet says no. Still, Maddie Hatter is so pretty and I love her dress, shoes & accessories. Her teapot purse and teaspoons earrings remind me of Dal Maretti!!! Oh I better not look anymore or I’ll be too tempted!

    • kleintoys says:

      I will say Maddie is very well put together and I love all her details like the teaspoon earrings, I just wish I liked their face sculpt more.

      I almost bought a Licca recently myself ^^;

  3. Man I want Maddie so bad. She will definitely be the first EAH doll I purchase :3

  4. Lisa Wight says:

    Hi, I live in MA too! We should arrange a meet up with Requiemart.

    • kleintoys says:

      I actually don’t live in MA, I live in CT normally we just meet at each other’s houses and we have been too busy to even do that lately; we haven’t done a larger meet outside of Puddle in quite some time ^^;

  5. Lisa Wight says:

    Oh. Ok. I just don’t live near any other Pullip people and most people think my dolls are creepy so I wanted a small meetup. Sorry I didn’t really understand. I have a friend who’s interested in Pullips but she can’t afford any yet, so I kind of feel alone and I wanted to talk to and be around other doll people. Is Requiemart from MA?

    • kleintoys says:

      Requiemart and I used to attend the larger meets in the Boston area, Animadness used to host them but they closed down and there hasn’t been a large meet since then that I know of. Lately Requiemart and I effectively just do dolly visits to each other’s houses so it’s a bit tricky plus both of us are pretty busy right now so we aren’t even meeting regularly ^^; If you leave me your email address when we get around to organizing a larger meet up I can get in contact with you. Requiemart does live in MA.

      I definitely understand the alone feeling, I think I am the only collector left in CT.

  6. Lisa Wight says:

    Ok thanks! My email is lwight767@hotmail.com

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