SDCC 2013 Pullip Revealed: Supergirl

The exclusive Pullip for this year’s  San Deigo Comic Con has been revealed- it’s Supergirl! The last couple of years Groove has partnered with DC to release themed Pullips at SDCC, the first two releases were Pullips Batgirl and Catwoman in 2011. In 2012 Pullip Wonder Woman and Taeyang Batman were released at SDCC, a few months later the villainous Pullip Harley Quinn was released at New York Comic Con.

For those unable to attend SDCC Supergirl is available for preorder via Groove’s online store- here for $144.95. It is worth mentioning that all previous years SDCC releases did eventually become available at other retailers such as Pullipstyle so I kind of assume given precedence that they will be able to offer her offer at some point.

No matter how strong the enemy,I will protect world peace! …feel like so.

Naturally being a big fan of both comics and Pullips, I’m super excited about this release. I am very much looking forward to having Supergirl join my pantheon of DC characters in doll form.
I feel Supergirl is a pretty solid representation of  Supergirl. On the one hand I think I would have preferred the more modern version of her costume with her midriff showing on the other I think it would have potentially looked really odd on Pullip. I’m a bit surprised especially with SDCC following so closely on the heels of the new Superman movie Man of Steel’s release that Supergirl was not joined by her cousin in Taeyang form. I suppose they could always release a Superman Taeyang next year at SDCC or maybe even later this year at NYCC (though I do long for more villain releases).
Supergirl is quite a dynamic girl!
I’ve seen a couple of people mention that she looks somewhat like the previous policewoman release Melissa (close up pic of face up here). Ironically at one point, I had actually intended to use Melissa as a base for a Supergirl Pullip of my own. They are both blond dolls with blue eyes with red lipstick, they also both have open mouth smiles but  Supergirl’s smile is a lot larger. Their eye make up is very different from each other.  Both of their face ups remind of 1950s pin-up girls.

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4 Responses to SDCC 2013 Pullip Revealed: Supergirl

  1. Jane Chérie says:

    She is beautiful!!! Her makeup is a little bit too dark and 80’s but I like her costume a lot. She is not a doll I would want for myself though (I am more into the romantic old fashioned look). Thank you for sharing the photos!

    • kleintoys says:

      I think they are going for the comics look with her, she reminds me of a pin-up girl. I think they are trying to make her appealing to a broader base of people like comic collectors who may not necessarily buy Pullips normally.

  2. Ben says:

    I think she is lovely and I can’t wait until she is available on Pullip Style! But I agree with you I was hoping for a villain like Poison Ivy or Cheetah. Imagine a green skinned Pullip? Lets just keep our fingers crossed they announce something else at NYCC!

    • kleintoys says:

      It’s kind of funny I bet my dolly bff last year that Supergirl was going to be the SDCC doll and if they released a second one at SDCC it would be an Isul Robin. I always liked the villains more than the bad guys but I’m still happy that they are continuing to release more DC dolls every year. I can’t wait to see what they announce for NYCC.

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